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Archives ( January 2021 )

Transform Enterprise Accounts Payable with Intelligent Automation
Transforming Enterprise Accounts Payable Workflows with Intelligent Automation

As businesses measure their growth based on revenue and expense cycles, accounts payable’s invoice payment activities can have a large impact on these cycles. Invoice processing is a key part of the procure-to-pay life cycle that makes up a company’s expenditure cycle.

Omnichannel inventory management for grocery
Mastering an Integrated Omnichannel Inventory Management for Grocers

With grocery transitioning more rapidly than ever into a consumer-driven industry, issues such as determining the best product mix and inventory size are strategically important for a grocer looking to cash in on e-commerce sales. With ever-shortening lead times, item basket customizations, and year-round discounts, inventory management plays an even greater role today than ever.

Automating Accounts Payable Process
Automating Accounts Payable Process: Ensuring Smarter Workflow with Foresight and Intelligence
As COVID-19 struck down the global market, the invoicing systems that were dependent on the manual processes just like many other business systems across multiple verticals also faced serious consequences…
NRF 2021
Reinvent the Future of Retail with NRF 2021: Retail's Big Show - Chapter One
Evolution can never be expected to die away in the retail industry. National Retail Federation (NRF) had always forecasted a turbulent shift in retail supply chains for years now. But this time, as the…
Integration Platform in SAP Landscape
The Best Ways to Choose Your integration platform in sap landscape
In today’s world of digital transformation, more and more customers are focusing on SAP’s cloud products after considering the benefits for the long run. With multiple cloud as well as on-premise applications in the landscape, the integration platform is one of the major areas of concern for a majority of customers. While planning to build the customer landscape on a cloud platform, an important topic that turns up in every discussion is the integration platform and the various options from SAP.
Let me start again with the pieces of my brokenness.......
2020 had faded away! It’s time to take off the latch to enter 2021 with resplendence. With determined mind and spirit let’s open the door of 2021 hoping towards cheering months and days ahead. Even in the midst of this tumultuous situation one can unfold the manifestation of his/her exuberant life. We should be excited that each day we get is a new beginning. Let’s break the fence of unforgiveness, hatred, bitter experiences and build the bridge of forgiving love, patience and humility.


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