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Archives ( October 2022 )

Supply Protection in S/4HANA
Serve your priority customers/market segments with Supply Protection in S/4HANA

Hyper-personalization has grown strong in the last few years and along these lines, businesses are expected to deliver channel-agnostic tailor-made offers and exemplary customer service, that creates an intimate and individualized value for repeat engagement and more loyalty.

migration to S/4HANA
6 key reasons why you should move to S/4HANA now
Businesses on the legacy SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) may be planning to stick around, despite the success of S/4HANA. A host of reasons such as fewer internal resources, lack of organizational focus, change management concerns, huge financial investment, return on that investment, lack of understanding of the benefits of upgrading, and a sense of comfort in ECC led them to dismiss


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