Challenges Today

The life sciences industry is a rapidly evolving, innovative space with both small and large players contending to bring novel, life-enhancing products to the marketplace. While the emergence of new drugs and devices have been advantageous to such companies, they struggle to thrive in the market due to tightening regulatory guidelines, data integrity, differential drug pricing and so on. To make things worse, medical device and pharmaceutical supply chain is becoming highly complex, tiered and globalized. Within this new environment, the pharmaceutical industry is finding it hard to cope with the pace of innovation patients aspire and investors expect.

How We Help

We work closely with pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotech companies to achieve disruptive growth and productivity in their business through automation. We help companies to collect mission-critical data, enhance transparency across supply chain and improve collaboration between suppliers, partners and customers. Our solutions bolster operations with:

  • Productive R&D activities
  • Streamlined procurement and compliant manufacturing
  • Reinvented value proposition
  • Tailored go-to-market model across distribution, sales and service

Why Applexus

At Applexus, we accelerate the pace of innovation and help life science companies anticipate, grapple with and adapt to such present-day challenges by providing life science software solutions. Our tried-and-tested strategic, operational and compliant life science software solutions have helped leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and improve business agility.

  • Versatile in handling complex Life Science projects
  • Major customers include multi-specialty hospitals and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and marketers
  • Competency to build large end-to-end custom solutions
  • Reliable development and innovation partner to build next generation solutions

Life science Advisory

With mounting challenges in the life science industry posed by higher drug prices, shrinking margins, scientific and digital breakthroughs, life sciences companies are finding it hard to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Applexus empowers companies to devise new research and development and process strategies that equips them to respond efficiently to both internal and external pressures. From addressing regulatory compliance to delivering better patient outcomes, we help biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies understand emerging trends, seize new opportunities and insure them from future challenges. Our advisory service areas for the life science sector include:

  • Patient insights and real world data
  • Research and Development
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Clinical operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain & distribution
  • Commercial operations


Our analytics solution helps healthcare companies to develop future-focused patient programs and methodologies that cater to the unique requirement of patient segments. With our services ranging from report and dashboard creation to harnessing predictive analytics, we help life science organizations enhance operational efficiency, optimize drug pricing and adopt powerful patient engagement strategies. We employ statistical and discovery models to help clinicians reduce overall costs and time spent on clinical research and development activity. Applexus analytics services can be leveraged in the areas like:

  • Research and Development
  • Clinical and Preclinical Trials
  • Personalized Care
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Quality Compliance
  • Supply Chain and procurement
  • Drug safety
  • Device maintenance prediction

Implementation and Rollouts

With over a decade of experience in SAP implementation, Applexus helps life sciences companies in achieving growth by redefining their technology landscape. Our solutions are purpose-built to ensure that they are tailored according to the specific requirement of our customers. While implementing Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Business Intelligence (BI), we help life sciences client rest assured of quality, usability and seamless interoperability. Keeping in mind future scope of business expansion, we help businesses to rollout life science business operations to different locations globally. Our range of services in implementation and rollouts include:

  • Project Management Services
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Sizing, Installation and Deployment
  • Custom Application Development


One of the major challenges that modern businesses face is the need for a constant information exchange between multiple process systems. There is an ever-growing need to send and receive information between SAP and non-SAP systems, to ensure successful completion of time critical business operations. Applexus offers the best solution to such problems by seamlessly syncing existing systems with third-party SAP and non-SAP systems. Our in-depth understanding of the various interfacing platforms help us leverage the most suitable SAP connectors and tools (such as EDI, Proxy, Web services, etc) to meet requirements while adhering to existing industry standards. Our delivery model is aimed at ensuring fast and efficient results -- to meet industry needs and dynamic enough to support the changing demands of growing businesses. Our seasoned team of consultants has expertise in:

  • CRM integration
  • Supplier system integration
  • POS system integration

Custom Application Development

When standard softwares fail to support innovations in life sciences companies and address constantly evolving processes in an enterprise, it becomes necessary to build custom applications that are well-suited to manage changes. Applexus offers custom application development services starting from patient-engagement app development to clinical data analytics that reduce costs without compromising care. By customizing previously developed solutions to suit unique business requirements, we help life science companies achieve faster time-to-market. Our custom application development services span across:

  • Point of care applications
  • Healthcare Mobile applications
  • Medical Device applications
  • Clinical trial management applications
  • Health & fitness monitoring applications

Application Management Services

We help businesses enhance, manage and monitor performance of applications and interfaces to ensure that they are flawless and efficient. With our application management services, businesses can drive down cost, mitigate risk, modernize applications and provide better stabilization of software ecosystem. Applexus’ SLA-based service model ensures reliable business continuity support and helps businesses align KPIs against predefined goals. Our capabilities include:

  • Change Management
  • Release Support & Version Control
  • Business Process Management
  • Data Archiving
  • Performance Tuning
  • Testing

Research and Development Support Services

We work closely with leading life science organizations to implement enterprise-wide softwares that promote growth, improve care delivery frameworks and coordinate the efforts of R&D workers. To accelerate new drug delivery, we help pharmaceutical organizations to collaborate product development across functions. From competitive drug pricing, faster time-to-market to enhancing communication in R&D activities, our solutions have helped healthcare and pharma companies to achieve desired outcomes.

Project and portfolio management

Improve project planning and manage resources, capital and assets effortlessly.

Personalized medicine and real-world evidence

Harness personalized medicine and real-world evidence to accelerate drug design and development.

Compliant product lifecycle management

Speed decision making with project data, supplier and research data integration.

Product and project insights

Enable collaboration through a highly transparent information network.

Environment, health, and safety

Ensure safety and business continuity by reducing health, safety and environmental risks.

Regulatory compliance

Improve business performance by automating and streamlining risk and compliance processes.

Efficient Sourcing and Procurement

Finding the right supplier that provides high-standard and cost-efficient products, which are eventually used in life-saving and altering therapies is a difficult task for procurement teams. Our solutions enable life sciences companies to leverage superior functionality to on-board third parties, manage a diverse range of contracts and enhance collaboration with suppliers. We provide assistance in strategic sourcing and supplier management, direct procurement, invoice management, contingent workforce management, travel and expenses management for sustainable sourcing and procurement process.

Collaborative sourcing and contract management

Build a collaborative, participative relationship between business units and suppliers.

Operational purchasing

Build success in procurement of direct and indirect goods with plan-driven procurement and order collaboration.

Supplier management

Achieve efficiency in sourcing in a global business network.

External workforce management

Optimize your contingent labour force by automating sourcing and procurement.

Invoice and payables management

Streamline, process and pay invoices with enhanced visibility into spend.

Procurement analytics

Get latest insights about supplier spends and evaluate supplier performance easily to drive improved ROI.

Demand-Driven Supply Network

Designing and building a demand-driven value network mandates the need for analysis of data to grasp demand characteristics of products and segments. Applexus equips pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies with a unified model that integrates demand signals, planning data and inventory targets to drive better profitability. We help life sciences companies to build an agile supply chain free of drug counterfeiting and achieve efficiency in warehouse management.

Sales, inventory, and operations planning

Empower sales, financial and marketing professional with real-time analytics to accelerate profitable demand planning and distribution.

Demand management

Create rational demand strategy by analyzing internal and external demand streams.

Response and supply planning

Consolidate demand and supply information to make successful and accurate delivery promises and stock replenishment.

Response orchestration

Make successful order planning, dispatching, promising and execution through response-driven orchestration.

Warehouse management

Automate warehouse operations including dock, receiving, storage and picking operations to improve asset utilization and goods throughput.

Logistics networks

Track and trace products across the highly complex distribution network from manufacturer to consumer and streamline the flow of goods.

Compliant Manufacturing

With constantly evolving regulatory guidelines of FDA and other regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies are finding it difficult to reduce cost of operations while improving the quality of drugs. At Applexus, we help drugs and medical devices manufacturing companies drive down cost by identifying and rectifying root causes of compliance gaps, aligning country-specific regulatory frameworks to global standards and making production processes compliant.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and LIMS

Connect disparate labs, technology, instruments and workflows with existing enterprise systems to gain visibility and productivity.

Medical device manufacturing and quality management

Harmonize drug and medical device manufacturing operations while maintaining the quality and consistency of products.

Manufacturing networks

Capitalize on technology to scale up or down production based on demand, improve order fulfillment strategy and seamlessly communicate product improvement ideas.

IoT business services

Manage, monitor and maintain processes and equipment to drive down cost, mitigate risk and produce compliant products with the internet of things.

Asset operations and maintenance

Maintain highly traceable, safe and compliant asset network and optimize asset performance.

Digital operations center for asset networks

Digitize your supply chains and build a central repository of asset information to streamline asset operations and maintain asset integrity.

Multi-channel Customer Acquisition, Sales and Marketing

An effective marketing and sales process necessitates the right mix of inbound and outbound marketing activities, analytics tools and process management skills to provide an engaging experience across channels. Applexus helps life science companies achieve that mix by equipping them with our solutions that span across real-time customer performance intelligence, campaign management and optimization, efficient field service management and sales collaboration.

Real-time customer insights

Capture a 360-degree view of customer profiles and consolidate them into a single view.

Marketing with speed and agility

Automate and integrate marketing operations to react quickly to market opportunities.

Collaborative sales force automation

Equip sales reps with the necessary collective intelligence and insights.

Omnichannel commerce

Deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.

Omnichannel customer service

Provide customer service agents with insights for quick issue resolution and customer support.

Field service management

Improve field service productivity with enterprise mobility.

Exim Solution pharma

SAP EXIM Add-On Solution Development for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Our customer was upgrading their existing system to S/4HANA to streamline their export/import and international trade. Our add-on for EXIM, nEXIM, addressed certain region-specific challenges in SAP’s EXIM solution and helped them meet their end-to-end business requirements.

Customer Profile
Our customer is the fifth largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world and the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in the United States. They have about 49 manufacturing units that produce more than 2,000 products and employs over 52,000 people in about 150 countries worldwide. They have a strong presence in the European market and emerging markets like Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, among others. The company offers a range of generic and specialty products in various therapeutic areas such as cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, diabetes, nephrology, and metabolic diseases. Their annual revenue exceeds $4.0 billion and caters to business segments like Indian Branded Generics Business, US Business, Emerging Markets, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Global Consumer Healthcare Business.
Business Challenge

Our client had huge volumes of import and exports amounting to several billion dollars of transactions. Trading and transacting in international markets need an array of legal and non-legal documents.  It is essential that all exporters and importers comply with rules and regulations of international trade transactions. The standard SAP solution can handle minor export and import transactions but was found inadequate when it comes to documentation, financial transactions and few critical operations in the trade process. To bridge these gaps and provide a holistic solution that caters to the EXIM process in the country,we deployed our S/4HANA compatible add-on solution, nEXIM, which was then customized and enhanced to suit client specific processes. 

Client Testimonial
It was a pleasure working with Applexus. Their technical expertise coupled with customer focused technical support and highly flexible approach was truly commendable. We are thankful for their amazing cooperation and support.
Our Workaround

Applexus developed an add-on for SAP EXIM that bridges some of the region specific gaps in the solution. Applexus nEXIM Solution enhances the standard SAP EXIM features in the area of License / Scheme, Export documentation, Letter of Credit and its tracking. In addition to the above, we added additional functionalities such as Bond and Bank Guarantee to present the client with a comprehensive solution that fulfilled all their business requirements. We developed a few custom applications that were client-specific and added them to our delivered solution.

Business Benefits
  • nEXIM is designed to meet the documentation, reporting and tracking requirements of International trade. 
  • The portal based solution handles various operations which are essential to the EXIM process in India and provides an alert framework to facilitate time critical decision making.  
  • nEXIM integrated with standard SAP and its logistics modules including Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) as well as its financial module, Financial Accounting (FA).  
  • nEXIM serves as a one-stop solution for efficient management of export and import trade. 
ESS Implementation for Healthcare

Employee Self Service Software Implementation for a Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital Chain

Our customer needed to do away with their outmoded IT and implement an efficient Employee Self Service portal. With our ESS implementation, our customer could witness improved salary planning accuracy, easy recruitment and onboarding of workforce, and reduced cycle time of HR operations.

Customer Profile
Our customer is a leading chain of multi-speciality hospitals in India, operating a network of hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinical centers and test laboratories in India. They have about 32 hospitals across 20 cities with over 150 major surgeries being conducted daily across the network. Through cross-subsidization, they provide affordable treatment to low-income as well as high-income clients. With its telemedicine services, our customer could extend their reach to over 100 facilities in Asia and 50 in Africa.
Business Challenge

With the growth of a company, technology and needs of the workforce evolve with it. That said, our customer found it extremely tedious to manage leave entitlements, review holiday calendar and log leave requests for their 15500 employees in Asia and  Africa. Moreover, outdated IT infrastructure and inadequate reporting capabilities of their existing leave management system made it difficult to manage employees and track their performance with greater consistency. They needed to extend their reach to the community not compromising on their strong corporate environment. Our customer turned to us to manage their growing workforce and keep up with their ever-changing demands.

Client Testimonial
Right from the initial development phase, Applexus has demonstrated outstanding support, commitment and flexibility. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Our Workaround

We built an integrated HR solution that combines data from various databases for effective workforce planning, acquisition, and management. Our customer had numerous employee transactions including address change, contact information and other updates that were managed manually. With our ESS (Employee Self Service) and MSS (Manager Self Service) portal implementation, we helped our customer to streamline work processes and spend lesser time on administrative tasks. Employees can easily submit data through the ESS portal and once the changes are made, they are immediately updated in the underlying SAP R/3 database. The automation of employee data transaction reduced the cycle time of human resource processes, helping them reap significant cost savings.

Before the implementation of MSS functionality, payroll management and performance data management were tedious and error-prone tasks for managers. Now, managers are able to access historical and performance data easily from a web-based spreadsheet via MSS functionality. This enabled them to run salary scenarios that comply with company budget and performance criteria. By integrating HR and payroll function, we helped them spend lesser time on reconciling data related to employees. Moreover, salary reports could be accessed anywhere, anytime by the concerned authorities.

Business Benefits
  • Eliminated time-consuming, error-prone manual administrative tasks by moving to an automated environment
  • Replaced outdated IT with a single, secure repository for confidential HR information and processes
  • Better service facilitation that allowed improved transparency of HR operations to all employees
  • Improved productivity with quick issue resolution, easy approval of time-off requests and prompt responses to open enrollment queries