Helping wholesale distributors step into the future

Challenges faced by the wholesale distribution industry

Efficient operations, lower costs and satisfied customers are the core values driving the wholesale distribution industry. The recent past has seen many transformations in the way the industry functions. Innovative and disruptive technologies have been at the forefront of this transformation. Tighter profit margins, rising expectations for quality of products and pressure to minimize costs and demand for highly efficient logistical operations are just a few of the issues facing the wholesale industry today.

How We Help

We help wholesale distribution enterprises transform and be more efficient, agile and digital. Applexus helps wholesale distributors attain and retain a competitive lead by helping them foresee possible market fluctuations and choose the essential tactical changes required to address them. Our wholesale distribution software solutions and services provide wholesale distributors with

  • Across-the-board process visibility
  • Efficient charge-back management
  • Higher sales volume generation
  • Streamlined supply chain process
  • Automated inventory and ordering cycle
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Improved customer experience

Why Applexus

With over 10 years of experience in working with global wholesale distribution enterprises, Applexus provides a strong digital foundation on which wholesalers can build a sound business strategy while meeting the needs of their customers. We deliver an information technology application landscape that produces positive P&L impact and redefines enterprise strategies. Our solutions and services help streamline and automate routine tasks so that employees spend less time on everyday activities and more time tackling the dynamic demands of the wholesale distribution marketplace.

Wholesale Distribution Advisory

Our personalized advisory services help companies identify those solutions that make most sense to each wholesale distributor’s specific needs. Our consultants leverage their extensive expertise in enterprise software such as SAP and the wholesale distribution industry to provide effective and actionable insights into wholesale processes. This help wholesalers attain profitable growth through increased visibility and transparency, better customer service, improved cash flow management. Our advisory services cover core wholesale processes such as

  • Forecasting and replenishment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing and procurement

Implementation and Rollouts

Applexus helps wholesale distribution enterprises harness the power of mobile, web, ecommerce and analytics with our advanced implementation and rollout services. This helps to engage with customers and provide a seamless experience across multiple channels. SAP has a long and impressive history in providing robust, comprehensive solutions for the wholesale sector. Our deep expertise in ERP solutions implementation and rollouts encompass areas such as

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence implementations


Applexus provides quick migration services that help you migrate from outdated legacy systems to up-to-date ERP systems like the ones provided by SAP. We start by conducting a feasibility analysis. We then migrate data from various processes like procurement, supply chain, CRM, finance and accounting while maintaining its integrity. We ensure quality master data for your core business processes in SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Our system conversion approach makes the entire migration process efficient and effortless. Our migration services include

  • Data Qualification
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration
  • Data Enrichment


Our integration services allow wholesale distributors to share business data on multiple systems across various platforms. Our consultants integrate SAP solutions with non-SAP and cloud based technologies and platforms. This is particularly useful in particularly at those touchpoints of the organizational process where customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are engaged. Our integration services cover commonly used platforms like WebSphere ecommerce, Manhattan SCOPE, SAP PI, SAP MRP, SAP R3, SAP ERP, JDA, Sterling Commerce etc. With a fully integrated system in place wholesalers can

  • Leverage real-time data for a consolidated view
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Optimize logistics management
  • Increase procurement efficiency
  • Improve control over inventory

Application Development

Applexus provides wholesale distribution companies with software development services that are tailor-made to suit their individual needs. Our intuitive applications and interfaces help wholesale distributors integrate siloed processes, simplify the information flow. This gives real-time access to vital business data and enables improved decision making and operations. Our consultants offer both off shore and onsite models of development. Our SAP experts develop and implement solutions and add-ons that are well within your budget, while adhering to quality standards. Our services cover the following areas

  • Enterprise application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Inventory visibility solutions
  • Warehouse and returns solutions
  • Sales analysis solutions


Our testing team is focused on mitigating risks and decreasing your overall cost of ownership and maintenance. Our experts leverage their in depth knowledge of SAP and enterprise processes to provide wholesale distributors with end-to-end testing services. Applexus testing services ensure that the applications used by wholesale distributors are user friendly, highly responsive and version compatible. We make sure that enterprise data flow based on user privileges is seamless and smooth.
Our testing services for wholesalers includes

  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Integration testing
  • System Testing
  • Security Testing

Application Management Services

Our AMS offerings help your organization adapt to your evolving business and IT needs. Applexus AMS ranges from on-demand SAP support to minor enhancements and optimization. We also provide application monitoring and back-up and recovery of applications and interfaces. Our 24 * 7 Global AMS delivery model can operate on both near-shore and off-shore models depending on your time and budget constraints. Our team of experts with deep knowhow across the SAP landscape can easily manage your application portfolio. Applexus AMS covers

  • Application support
  • Application enhancement
  • Application optimization
  • Functional and technical support
  • System monitoring
  • Server services

Order to cash/ order management

The Order to Cash (O2C or OTC) system encompasses everything from sales orders to delivery and invoice and can be considered as an integration point between finance and sales. Our solutions enable wholesale distribution companies to streamline their O2C process, acquire real-time information about the transaction progress and offer their customers value-added services. We help wholesalers in achieving the right balance between demand and supply in thier Order to Cash system.

Marketing with speed and agility

Respond speedily to market fluctuations with better transparency and alignment.

In-moment customer experiences

Provide unique, contextual customer experiences across channels.

Omnichannel commerce

Engage consumers and expand your business with a seamless omnichannel commerce experience.

Collaborative Sales force automation

Plot Omnichannel strategies that ensure brand loyalty across channels, and streamline digital assets.

Quote to cash

Increase up-selling and revenue with real-time, smart offers.

Omnichannel customer service

Deliver seamless and effortless omnichannel support that meets customer expectations.

Service process and operations

Boost productivity with the help of real-time operation status, key metrics, and customer feedback.

Procurement process

Applexus solutions help wholesale distribution businesses keep track of what needs to be ordered and when. Our solutions enable wholesale distributors to standardize, centralize, automate, and speed up their procurement processes. Wholesale distribution enterprises can generate greater insight into spend factors such as purchase costs, currency fluctuations as well as warehousing and distribution overheads. With the help of our solutions, wholesale distributors can ensure profitability and manage global supply risk.

Collaborative sourcing and contract management

Collaborate efficiently with suppliers, manage contracts and meet savings targets.

Operational purchasing

Facilitate smooth and compliant purchasing with or without a supply network.

Supplier management

Reduce costs and improve savings and sourcing efficiency using a global network.

Inventory and basic warehouse management

Optimize goods movement to improve inventory and warehouse operations.

External workforce management

Manage your external workforce efficiently and track expenditure on contract staff

Invoice and payables management

Simplify invoice processing and accounts by integration.

Supply chain planning and execution

Collaboration with supply chain partners in sharing information about products, their availability as well as transactions is vital to an efficient supply chain management. Our solutions will wholesale distributors gain more control over their supply chain - from procurement to contract management. Applexus solutions cover all key aspects of SCM such as demand management, sales, inventory, operations, transportation, and warehousing as well as response and supply management.

Demand management

Manage and analyze expected demand streams to increase customer satisfaction.

Sales inventory and operations planning

Integrate planning with financial, sales, and operational goals to balance demand and supply.

Transportation management

Streamline transportation management processes to lower costs and enhance service.

Warehouse management

Improve warehouse management with optimized planning and automated processes.

Response and supply planning

Align planning and execution in real time across networks to meet business priorities.

Profitability and Customer Relationship Management

Accurate cost recovery and rebates information and a holistic view of procurement, reduced outstanding claims and clear-cut customer classification result in sustainable profit margins for wholesale distributors. Our solutions help wholesalers comprehend, analyze, oversee, and respond to their business requirements better. Applexus solutions help provide end-to-end insights into the wholesale distribution network.

Real-time customer insights

Obtain customer insights in a single consolidated view, and gain real-time insight into customer behavior.

Procurement insight

Gain visibility into spending, suppliers, and related market information.

Logistics networks

Manage, control, and predict logistics costs to lower costs and ensure on-time delivery.

Cost recovery and rebates

Acquire agreement and transaction data, handle claims, and manage diverse, changing agreements.

Implementation and Support of SAP BI System for a Leading Wholesale Distributor

Implementation and Support of SAP BI System for a Leading Wholesale Distributor

The customer had existing SAP and other ERP systems in place. To ensure smooth running of the business and to maintain consistency in operations they needed to stabilize their SAP systems and integrate other ERP systems with SAP.

Customer Profile
Our client is a leading player in real estate development and home appliances, foods and tobacco wholesale trading segments across Middle East and Europe. They have business partners and networks around the globe and have to ensure that their business processes run efficiently across verticals and horizontals.
Business Challenge

The company required stabilizing of the SAP implementation to ensure smooth running of business across Europe. Each of the group companies had its own specific need which included

  • Inbound process implementation including vendor Consignment Process configuration and in outbound process default the data for goods transfer (consignment to own stock) based on the data in the delivery order
  • Integration of the DIAMOD ERP system to SAP to avoid laborious manual work to upload invoices at an average of 300 invoices a day
  • Integration of Aloha system to SAP system to perform inventory related functions and to evaluate cost of production and cost of sales reports
  • Stabilizing the process in SAP and design and development of the required forms
Client Testimonial
Right from the initial development phase, Applexus has demonstrated outstanding support, commitment and flexibility. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Business Objectives

The main objectives were design, development, enhancements and implementation for emerging business requirements. The company needed to fully automate and optimize their business processes. For this they needed proper integration of non-SAP systems with SAP systems and ensure smooth transfer of data. The system should ensure smooth transaction of stock transfer from vendor consignment to own stock. Reports dealing with country-wise stocks, stock ageing and cost price should be developed as required by the customer. Workflows for internal approvals also needed to be developed. A quality server needed to be built. An EDI (electronic data interchange) process for vendor interaction should be developed. The customer wanted to implement authorization checks to control data manipulation. Unnecessary stoppage of business due to critical issues in production was leading to losses. Processes needed to be implemented to resolve such issues in time.

Our Workaround

We implemented SAP processes to ensure smooth functioning of the trading companies. We developed a system to perform stock availability checks during outbound delivery. This check has taken into consideration the destination of the material or stock and also the batch and the quantity of the stocks available.

The existing system was enhanced to transfer stocks from the vendor consignments to their own stock based on delivery order. We developed a workflow to handle internal approvals. The EDI for vendor communication was also developed.

We designed and developed interfaces to connect the legacy system to SAP system. This also enables the capture of business data from their existing legacy system to SAP.

We implemented a unicode system to enable the group to use SAP for different geographies. We have implemented an application maintenance and support system to deal with production issues.

Business Benefits
  • Uninterrupted and smooth running of business using the SAP system
  • Integration between R/3 and legacy systems used in different companies helped to control the business more optimally by avoiding manual process
  • Workflow provides proper routing and ensures timely completion of business process
  • Better planning for trading and production by using the accurate reports
  • Authorization checks will avoid the data manipulation and smooth operation of business process
  • Implementations have been fully integrated into the day-to-day business processes followed by the company
  • Implementations done at optimum costs to yield maximum ROI
SAP ECC Implementation for a Global Wholesale Distributor

SAP ECC Implementation for a Global Wholesale Distributor

The customer had an existing SAP system in place which was not giving them the results they expected. They were looking for a better-integrated system which would be more user- friendly and afford more transparency and consolidation across geographies.

Customer Profile
Our customer is a wholesale distribution company with several years of success in the tobacco products trading sector. Wholesale distribution has, in fact, been one of the core businesses of the group. With over a decade of experience in working with several international partners, the group has earned the confidence required to sustain long-term business relationships. The group has a strong network of interconnecting business operations that allow the group to leverage international opportunities for all their business partners.
Business Challenge

The company was finding it difficult to fully utilize the existing SAP system in their day to day business functions. Our customer runs wholesale distribution networks in several locations, and so data entry was being done on multiple systems. This often caused duplication in data entry. The company was also worried that user familiarity of the system was less than satisfactory. Language was another hindrance that prevented the system from being used across multiple geographies. The system did have a Business Intelligence component, but it was not usable for their day to day business functions.

They needed a seasoned partner with proven expertise in delivering projects within stringent timelines. The new solution had to be capable of working across geographies. At the back-end, it had to integrate with the existing SAP solution. Another aspect of the implementation was that it should not be radically different from the processes already in place. This was to ensure process convergence. Moreover, this would reduce the cost of maintenance and support. Maintaining separate business systems at each of these locations was proving difficult to manage. They needed to implement a new system that would integrate all areas of the business. The implementation had to be done without affecting the existing SAP system operations.

Client Testimonial
Working with Applexus has been highly beneficial for our wholesale operations. Their implementation services have helped streamline and integrate our systems.
Business Objectives

Since the business operated from several locations, the SAP ECC implementation should allow it to be usable across multiple geographies and languages. The system should be transformed from its current state as a data entry system to a usable ERP system that can be used to improve the efficiency of their day to day business functions. The system that was in use was a non-Unicode system. This has to be converted to a unicode compliant system that enables a single set of source code to be written to process data in virtually all languages. The implementation should enable the company to utilize all of the capabilities of the BI system to help them increase their ROI.

Our Workaround

Our team worked on stabilizing the SAP system and implementing process extensions to bring more business processes under the scope of the system. We also worked on

integrating the business processes of multiple departments and business units of the company. As a result seamless transformation from the earlier processes (revolving around Peripheral systems) to a new SAP-centric business process was achieved, thus unifying all the required data into a single landscape. All of the P2P (peer-to-peer) processes and O2C (order-to-cash) processes of the group has been brought under the ambit of SAP ECC system. All the data necessary for an informed decision-making process is now available in SAP system. The conversion to a Unicode-compliant system has enabled the group to use SAP for different geographies.

Business Benefits
  • Process convergence was achieved at reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Peripheral systems used for executing the business could be sidelined
  • All the business operations (wholesale distribution) are now made possible through one system (SAP ECC)
  • Consolidated reporting from multiple geographies was made possible
  • Improved confidence in IT/ERP infrastructure for the top management, helping them in faster expansion and improved ROI

BI Data Foundation and Strategic Reporting Solution for a Leading Athletic Clothing and Accessory Retailer

The BI solution that we built for our customer enabled multi-criteria smart decision making in sales and operations, global logistics, retail stock movement and inventory roll forward.

Customer Profile
Our customer is an American sports performance clothing and accessory retailer. With their one-of-a-kind moisture-wicking fabrics, they have earned a spot as one of the world’s top innovation companies on Forbes. Being an athletic apparel warrior, their performance athletic clothing and accessories are used by National Hockey League, the U.S. Ski Team, USA Rugby, the National Lacrosse League, and Major League Lacrosse. The company’s products are sold online as well as through retail outlets (more than 20,000) in the U.S. and overseas.
Business Challenge

With business data spread across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Africa, it seemed difficult for our customer to replicate data in real time with SAP BW. Moreover, the performance of BW objects, BEx reports were really slow when used in conjunction with SAP BusinessObjects BI. It was difficult to amalgamate data from various sources in the customer’s legacy system like Epicor, SAP BW, SAP Business One, ERPNext to uncover fast, meaningful insights.

Client Testimonial
Awesome! Thank you so much for pushing through this request. Your efforts are integral for meeting our deadlines.
Business Objectives
  • View global revenue based on end use, product category, etc. and measure growth, sales activities against retail KPIs
  • Provide strategic reporting solutions for distribution houses and third-party logistics providers and track logistics activities
  • Compare retail performance across all regions, subregions and subchannels with business metrics
  • Maintain safe stocking levels and set forward consumption days at or below 115 days
  • Reduce purchase capital by $600k with precise demand forecasting and assortment optimization
Our Workaround

Applexus built a business intelligence solution atop SAP HANA platform, replacing the Customer’s business intelligence solution based on traditional database. We helped them extract real-time data from disparate systems using SLT and BODS jobs, set up advanced data models with SAP HANA and built analytic solution with web intelligence and dashboard designer tools from SAP Business Objects on top of HANA model. Our in-memory, optimized computing solution based on SAP HANA seemed perfect for speedy analytical and transactional processing. It was also possible to handle huge volumes of data and generate reports in no time.

Key Features
  • SAP HANA data foundation to receive sales plan from different functional areas and assess plan realization in  North America and other areas
  • Logistics report creation by consolidating data from inbound marketing dashboard, sales processing dashboard, shipping status dashboard, inbound and outbound sales scorecard and sales management tools
  • Multi-sourced data foundation for global retail reporting from disparate systems such as ERP, POS (Epicor) and master data systems
  • Retail executive dashboard that provide a drill down of sales by product, territory, campaign and provide a holistic view of product flow through distribution house
  • Inventory roll forward solution merging sales projection data, expected inbound receipts and sales transfer forecast data to improve merchandise planning
Business Benefits

A mobile-friendly customer interface provided consolidated view of global revenue and made drill-down analysis of metrics such as division, region, end use easier. The solution also eliminated manual merging of retail reports and enabled comparison of retail performance against business metrics in a jiffy. By imparting greater granularity into their business, they could witness minimised deviation (less than or equal to 1%) of actual returns from expected returns. Moreover, they could align their business well with forecasted revenue and growth.