Integrated Application Foundation for the Largest Communications Service Provider in the United States

We simplified business operations for our customer to equip them to handle extremely high sales volume, provide an optimized retail experience and standardize operations on a single instance. This helped them to substantially improve their business, process efficiencies and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Customer Profile

Our customer is the largest wireless, facilities-based communications service provider in the United States. They provide a wide range of services and products to their customers including communications, innovative wireless technology solutions, information and entertainment products. They have a huge and strong customer base with over 141 million subscribers.

Business Challenge

With an extremely high sales volume and advanced multi-channel business model, our customer found it gruelling to manage their business using a homegrown legacy system. The complicated architecture of legacy system lacked visibility into upstream and downstream activities of the organization’s supply chain structure. Moreover, different user experiences from various legacy systems compounded problems for retail sales reps.

Client Testimonial

Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.

Our Workaround

We deployed a Retail Starter Pack utilizing assemble-to-order functionality for our client, helping them consolidate multiple orders into a single purchase order. Our solution enabled integration with more than 45 legacy applications. To streamline order fulfillment processes, prevent stock outs and overstocks and allow integrated view into sales orders, we enabled Cross-Channel Order Management system.

Business Benefits

With application orchestration, the customer was able to witness enhanced transparency into supply chain operations. A consistent omni-channel experience enabled growth, productivity and reach across multiple regions and compelling business outcomes.
By implementing production serialization, it was possible to track and trace products, ensuring product integrity. The customer could also better service levels and enhance predictability of time to value. There was a significant reduction in cost through improved cycle times and retail efficiencies. The consolidation of master data produced a single version of the truth for data consistency, improved agility and global operations. With faster, real-time business data analytics, it was possible to respond to the dynamic needs of their customers.