SAP Fashion Management Solution Implementation for an American Handbag and Apparel Designing Company

Transforming inventory management and procurement cycle, providing a compelling customer experience and unifying organizational siloed data.

Customer Profile

Our customer is a U.S.-based leading designer of women’s handbags, luggages and accessories. In addition to its core products, it also sells home decoration products, jewelry, jewelry cases, eyewear and stationery goods. They sell their products through both indirect and direct business channels---including 2700 gift and speciality stores and nearly 100 full-service retail stores. The company draws an annual revenue of more than $500 million annually.

Business Challenge

With the increasing proliferation of omnichannel retailing, the challenge to surmount customer demands efficiently and deftly. According to Aberdeen Group Inc., companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared with 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies. This calls for customer data integration, to understand how customers choose different channels and how it impacts their purchase decisions. Retailers also need to effectively attune their order fulfillment strategy to achieve economies of scale and capitalize on brand awareness.
Consolidating data from legacy systems and syncing them to provide a single version of the truth was quite cumbersome for our customer. To manage this situation, our client wanted a single platform that could harmonize siloed, multi-channel inventory data and sales data.

Client Testimonial

Applexus remained true to the name by being a high-performing business partner. Their solution has been very instrumental in providing efficient communication between our internal teams and incentivized us to serve our customers better.

Business Objectives

  • Streamline multi-channel operations and synchronize order strategies between distribution center and regional distribution center
  • Improveliquidity of the organization by freeing up capital spent on overstocking of goods
  • Bird’s eye view of processes and data on an all-in-one platform to ensure efficient operation and field service management
  • Cross-channel integration to deliver best-in-class online experience comparable to a brick-and-mortar retail experience
  • Easy margin management and prospecting with personalized marketing, targeted offers loyalty programmes and so on
  • Get business up to speed on customer insights through social listening and customer journey analysis

Our Workaround

We helped them integrate and configure outbound interfaces from SAP FMS to POS system using BODS and inbound interfaces from Micros POS to SAP FMS system using SAP CAR and BODS. This ensured a smooth flow of master data and transaction data between SAP and POS, which resulted in data synchronization between the systems. We were also involved in the technical design and development of custom development objects in SAP system identified by gap analysis. Data integration, achieved by SAP FMS 1.0 with Micros POS integration, enabled end-to-end transparency in processes and customer data encapsulation.

Business Benefits

With application orchestration, the customer was able to witness enhanced transparency into supply chain operations. A consistent omni-channel experience enabled growth, productivity and reach across multiple regions and compelling business outcomes.
By implementing production serialization, it was possible to track and trace products, ensuring product integrity. The customer could also better service levels and enhance predictability of time to value. There was a significant reduction in cost through improved cycle times and retail efficiencies. The consolidation of master data produced a single version of the truth for data consistency, improved agility and global operations. With faster, real-time business data analytics, it was possible to respond to the dynamic needs of their customers.