Challenges Today

The life sciences industry is a rapidly evolving, innovative space with both small and large players contending to bring novel, life-enhancing products to the marketplace. While the emergence of new drugs and devices have been advantageous to such companies, they struggle to thrive in the market due to tightening regulatory guidelines, data integrity, differential drug pricing and so on. To make things worse, medical device and pharmaceutical supply chain is becoming highly complex, tiered and globalized. Within this new environment, the pharmaceutical industry is finding it hard to cope with the pace of innovation patients aspire and investors expect.

How We Help

We work closely with pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotech companies to achieve disruptive growth and productivity in their business through automation. We help companies to collect mission-critical data, enhance transparency across supply chain and improve collaboration between suppliers, partners and customers. Our solutions bolster operations with:

  • Productive R&D activities
  • Streamlined procurement and compliant manufacturing
  • Reinvented value proposition
  • Tailored go-to-market model across distribution, sales and service

Why Applexus

At Applexus, we accelerate the pace of innovation and help life science companies anticipate, grapple with and adapt to such present-day challenges by providing life science software solutions. Our tried-and-tested strategic, operational and compliant life science software solutions have helped leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and improve business agility.

  • Versatile in handling complex Life Science projects
  • Major customers include multi-specialty hospitals and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and marketers
  • Competency to build large end-to-end custom solutions
  • Reliable development and innovation partner to build next generation solutions