Research and Development Support Services

We work closely with leading life science organizations to implement enterprise-wide softwares that promote growth, improve care delivery frameworks and coordinate the efforts of R&D workers. To accelerate new drug delivery, we help pharmaceutical organizations to collaborate product development across functions. From competitive drug pricing, faster time-to-market to enhancing communication in R&D activities, our solutions have helped healthcare and pharma companies to achieve desired outcomes.

Project and portfolio management

Improve project planning and manage resources, capital and assets effortlessly.

Personalized medicine and real-world evidence

Harness personalized medicine and real-world evidence to accelerate drug design and development.

Compliant product lifecycle management

Speed decision making with project data, supplier and research data integration.

Product and project insights

Enable collaboration through a highly transparent information network.

Environment, health, and safety

Ensure safety and business continuity by reducing health, safety and environmental risks.

Regulatory compliance

Improve business performance by automating and streamlining risk and compliance processes.

Efficient Sourcing and Procurement

Finding the right supplier that provides high-standard and cost-efficient products, which are eventually used in life-saving and altering therapies is a difficult task for procurement teams. Our solutions enable life sciences companies to leverage superior functionality to on-board third parties, manage a diverse range of contracts and enhance collaboration with suppliers. We provide assistance in strategic sourcing and supplier management, direct procurement, invoice management, contingent workforce management, travel and expenses management for sustainable sourcing and procurement process.

Collaborative sourcing and contract management

Build a collaborative, participative relationship between business units and suppliers.

Operational purchasing

Build success in procurement of direct and indirect goods with plan-driven procurement and order collaboration.

Supplier management

Achieve efficiency in sourcing in a global business network.

External workforce management

Optimize your contingent labour force by automating sourcing and procurement.

Invoice and payables management

Streamline, process and pay invoices with enhanced visibility into spend.

Procurement analytics

Get latest insights about supplier spends and evaluate supplier performance easily to drive improved ROI.

Demand-Driven Supply Network

Designing and building a demand-driven value network mandates the need for analysis of data to grasp demand characteristics of products and segments. Applexus equips pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies with a unified model that integrates demand signals, planning data and inventory targets to drive better profitability. We help life sciences companies to build an agile supply chain free of drug counterfeiting and achieve efficiency in warehouse management.

Sales, inventory, and operations planning

Empower sales, financial and marketing professional with real-time analytics to accelerate profitable demand planning and distribution.

Demand management

Create rational demand strategy by analyzing internal and external demand streams.

Response and supply planning

Consolidate demand and supply information to make successful and accurate delivery promises and stock replenishment.

Response orchestration

Make successful order planning, dispatching, promising and execution through response-driven orchestration.

Warehouse management

Automate warehouse operations including dock, receiving, storage and picking operations to improve asset utilization and goods throughput.

Logistics networks

Track and trace products across the highly complex distribution network from manufacturer to consumer and streamline the flow of goods.

Compliant Manufacturing

With constantly evolving regulatory guidelines of FDA and other regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies are finding it difficult to reduce cost of operations while improving the quality of drugs. At Applexus, we help drugs and medical devices manufacturing companies drive down cost by identifying and rectifying root causes of compliance gaps, aligning country-specific regulatory frameworks to global standards and making production processes compliant.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and LIMS

Connect disparate labs, technology, instruments and workflows with existing enterprise systems to gain visibility and productivity.

Medical device manufacturing and quality management

Harmonize drug and medical device manufacturing operations while maintaining the quality and consistency of products.

Manufacturing networks

Capitalize on technology to scale up or down production based on demand, improve order fulfillment strategy and seamlessly communicate product improvement ideas.

IoT business services

Manage, monitor and maintain processes and equipment to drive down cost, mitigate risk and produce compliant products with the internet of things.

Asset operations and maintenance

Maintain highly traceable, safe and compliant asset network and optimize asset performance.

Digital operations center for asset networks

Digitize your supply chains and build a central repository of asset information to streamline asset operations and maintain asset integrity.

Multi-channel Customer Acquisition, Sales and Marketing

An effective marketing and sales process necessitates the right mix of inbound and outbound marketing activities, analytics tools and process management skills to provide an engaging experience across channels. Applexus helps life science companies achieve that mix by equipping them with our solutions that span across real-time customer performance intelligence, campaign management and optimization, efficient field service management and sales collaboration.

Real-time customer insights

Capture a 360-degree view of customer profiles and consolidate them into a single view.

Marketing with speed and agility

Automate and integrate marketing operations to react quickly to market opportunities.

Collaborative sales force automation

Equip sales reps with the necessary collective intelligence and insights.

Omnichannel commerce

Deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.

Omnichannel customer service

Provide customer service agents with insights for quick issue resolution and customer support.

Field service management

Improve field service productivity with enterprise mobility.