Nexo helps inventory management solution providers to leverage the full potential of world’s major ecommerce platforms. It offers an
impeccable integrated shopping experience across various platforms, putting an end to the
customers’ long wait for a complete ecommerce solution.

An abode of intuitive Features

Nexo has everything you can wish for in an ecommerce integration solution and even more! Its merchandise management software solutions helps retailers to meet the ever-increasing customer and market demands by offering a world-class experience
  • An all-in one solution

    B2B, B2C, sales, marketing.. everything integrated to a single solution

  • Efficient product, inventory and order processing

    Nexo facilitates efficient bi-directional transfer of product, inventory and order information. Handle your business processes with maximum flexibility

  • Complete and Cohesive transparency to the customer

    With Nexo, the customer gets complete and updated information on every aspect of the products at all selling points and will thus surely be impressed

  • Seamless bi-directional order processing

    With Nexo, data exchange between the SAP back-end and your ecommerce front end in any platform is seamlessly taken care off without any hassles.

  • Competitive price adjustment

    With the prices of similar items in different stores available for your reference you can price your products more diligently that ever before

  • Avoid Redundant Data Entry

    No more duplication of data entry. The entire business process is integrated. You are now saving more time and effort!

  • Access complete sales information

    Nexo brings entire sales information at your fingertips to let you analyze your business and take appropriate steps to excel

The capabilities are limitless

  • Helps in providing world-class customer experience
  • Provides quick return on investments with the optimization of sales processes
  • Simplifies store management and increases operational efficiency
  • Enhances your brand image
  • Customize product catalogues for sales in multiple e-commerce sites
  • Increases self-service functionality for customers
  • Reduces order fulfillment cycles
  • Reduces inventory costs by enabling proper planning
  • Increases business opportunities through multiple sales channels
  • Improves customer relations and maximizes profit