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Data is the fuel that powers the digital economy. It permeates every part of our professional and domestic lives, and can come from an endless variety of sources in a growing number of different forms. Like a living organism, this data is constantly multiplying, combining and interacting to form complex, dynamic systems.
The increasing data chaos presents enormous opportunities – and challenges – for every business, large or small. The ability to extract valuable insights from this rapidly expanding resource can increase efficiency, accelerate innovation, and drive new data-driven business models. The challenge is harnessing this mass of data and delivering it to business users in a timely and consumable way.

This requires a fundamentally new approach where there is no longer a differentiation between transactional, analytical, and other types of data. SAP calls this “universal data”. When you search for something on Google, you enter a simple instruction and your question is answered in seconds by every piece of relevant information on the Internet. Think of universal data as Google in a business setting: one place where data is queried, and one logical data universe within an enterprise that encompasses all data in all systems whether on premise or in the cloud.
A modern data platform is the key to achieving this vision of unconstrained access to universal data across the enterprise. Yet fast growing small and midsized companies in particular face some unique challenges. Your business must be responsive to change, but you need to manage growth while investing carefully and controlling risk. You need the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes, but want to maintain a small IT footprint without making your infrastructure more complex or adding headcount.
SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version, is designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises. It is based on the market-leading SAP HANA platform, built from the ground up on a simplified architecture using in-memory technology. This allows transactional, operational and analytics workloads to be combined on a single platform, streamlining your data landscape and reducing your total cost of ownership.
SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version, enables you to access and integrate all types of data and gives you the tools and capabilities you need to deliver real-time insights to your stakeholders. When you combine external data – whether Web or social media-based, or data from mobile devices or sensors – with your structured business data, for instance, you can provide a better customer service and deliver tangible business value. The platform gives you the flexibility to develop real-time analytics and applications that can be delivered with flexible deployment options, on premise or in the cloud, and can expand at your pace as your business grows.
SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version, is available exclusively through SAP partners.
To find out more, https://www.applexus.com/services/sap/S4HANA  

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