Transforming business with innovative technology

Enterprises have to rapidly innovate and evolve to keep pace with the dramatically changing technology environment of today. This necessitates the formulation of a change management strategy that closely aligns the orchestration of people, processes, and technology with an organization’s vision. However, when change management programmes are outsourced to experts, 60-70% of such initiatives fail.

Business leaderships need to select the most appropriate technology partner for their transformation process. Applexus guides enterprises through all aspects of process and technology realignment while engaging stakeholders across all levels. Our end-to-end transformation services enable business transformation service provider, to leverage current technological innovations to revamp business and operating models to deliver improved ROI and realize maximum value amidst disruption.


The Applexus Business Transformation mainly focuses
on the following three essential areas:

Develop Transformation Strategy

Applexus helps chart business transformation with sustainable innovations and change management strategies. With a combination of gap analysis, process design accelerators and tools, core technology enablement, application architecture revision, and data management and reporting we set enterprises firmly on the path to a successful business transformation project.

Business Transformation Management

Our Business Transformation Management services help companies to reduce operational costs, increase internal efficiency and agility and at the same time improve their services or products. The Applexus service portfolio includes program roadmap, governance, and process design, change request management, resource allocation (both cost and manpower) as well as project status tracking and reporting.

Achieve Quality Assurance

Applexus offers business transformation QA services that can turnaround/rescue ailing programs by helping you review and revise the program. Our QA team also offers third QA oversight support services. Our QA services give you an objective, unbiased evaluation of the status of your business transformation project. Our fast and effective QA services focus on improved customer experience and business value.