Trading and transacting in the international marketplace need an array of legal and non-legal documents. Complying with rules and regulations of international trade is of utmost importance to companies engaged in International Trade. The Export Import Management (EXIM)  software solution offered by SAP is aimed at simplifying the International Trade processes for organizations in India.

SAP EXIM handles Export Promotion Schemes, Licenses Management, Pre and Post-shipment documentation and Letter of Credit. EXIM manages end-to-end license process from applications (using ANF forms), assignment, consumption and status management to history. EXIM allows users to refer to SION (Standard Input Output Norms) master or export shipping bills for license creation. Users can also discharge export obligation for exemption schemes and track export benefit accruals and realization for remission schemes. It also provides the flexibility to create document sets, both pre and post shipment documents, based on SAP source documents at any step of the process.

Key Features Of EXIM

  • Management of export promotion schemes such as Duty Drawback, Advance Authorization, Export Promotion Capital Goods and so on
  • Handling of export and import licenses from application to closure including ANF forms creation, license assignment, utilization, and export obligation discharge
  • Tracking of export incentives accruals and realization
  • Creation of all pre-shipment and post-shipment documents including Shipping Bill in exports and Bill of Entry in imports
  • Management of letters of credit in both imports and exports process - from application to utilization, amendments and payment receipts
  • Easy to use screens and interfaces
  • High-level security based with customizable authorization to ensure documents are protected
Business Benefits
  • Improves operational efficiency by automating the manual steps in export and import processes
  • Reduces cost by optimizing the utilization of import licenses to save duty and tracking the timely receipt of export incentives
  • Increases visibility in the export import operations by capturing process data and reporting on key indicators
  • Improves customs processes by generating pre-shipment and post-shipment documents from SAP

While the standard SAP solution can handle several export and import transactions it is found inadequate when it comes to documentation, financial transactions and a few other key operations in the trade process. To bridge these gaps and provide a holistic solution which caters to SAP EXIM users in India, Applexus customized the standard solution and developed our unique solution. Our solution, nEXIM, enhances the standard SAP EXIM features in the areas of Licensing, Letter of credit management, Documentation, Logistics spend as well as Bonds and bank guarantee.

nEXIM Features

  • The portal based solution handles various operations which are essential to the EXIM process in India and provides an alert framework to facilitate 24/7 decision making.
  • The solution runs on both ECC and S4HANA platforms.
  • The product comes with the added benefit of being customizable to suit multiple industries

nEXIM Business Benefits

  • Helps meet all the documentation, reporting and tracking requirements of International trade.
  • Integrated with standard SAP and its logistics modules including Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) as well as Financial Accounting (FA).
  • Report generation helps to provide analytical insights into import/export processes.
  • Mobile integration provides alerts on the go.
  • It serves as a one-stop solution for efficient management of export and import trade.