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Business Transformation

Digital Transformation Challenges
Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges

Digital transformation is today's new reality, shaping how modern organizations function and navigate through unprecedented and ever-dynamic market conditions.

Reinventing Quality Engineering- Driven CX
Day After Dark: Reinventing Quality Engineering- Driven CX
Today, as customers look for contactless safe transactions, the key barometer of the customer experience will be based essentially on how the organizations provide the customers who visit them services that meet their evolving needs with empathy, concern and consideration. Companies making this advent of digital to deliver superior experiences have a potential to boost acceptance and retain these consumer relationships after the crisis.
SAP Software Solutions: Pathway to Business Continuity in the Post Covid Normal
SAP Software Solutions: Pathway to Business Continuity in the Post Covid Normal
Even though COVID-19 was unprecedented for most of the businesses across the globe, companies running SAP solutions were well prepared to handle the crisis. For SAP and its solution providers, business continuity is always on top. With that clarity, thought leaders can certainly re-align their business intent with consumer values and concentrate on the innovation to get through the crisis.
Applexus OKR
OKR takes Applexus to next level of success by creating a Focused Culture
A shared mission is always an organization’s ace to collective intelligence. But in the real world “five actings as one” might feel so challenging, as they integrate an ambitious business goal into the daily routines of the workforce. OKR – short for Objectives and Key Results, is a goal system that is used to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals!
the future of brick-and-mortar retail
Does Brick-and-Mortar Have a Future?
The retail apocalypse is here, and the trends show that consumers are moving faster towards digital interactions, shopping from the comforts of their homes than visit the actual stores. But does this mean the demise of the brick-and-mortar stores or can they along with online shopping peacefully co-exist?
analytics cloud
Predict Business Outcomes with SAP Analytics Cloud
In today's business environment, we can all agree that organizations have more data than ever. But how can you best leverage this data to generate reliable plans and strategies effectively? SAP Analytics Cloud brings together information on strategic, financial, and operational strategies into a single solution that helps you to align plans and forecasts around the business.
Road Ahead for SAP in 2020
The Road Ahead for SAP in 2020
The global ERP market is now projected to reach $78.40 billion by 2026. In the wake of this rapid progression, SAP will be offering more cloud-based services via subscription, moving to cloud technology, while dropping its old license-based model. Through this, SAP is working to make its concept of ‘intelligent enterprise’ a reality for customers.
SAP Transportation Management
SAP S/4HANA 1709 - Transforming Logistics
In an increasingly globalized market, logistics goes beyond the conventional transfer of goods and information between the supplier and the recipient. Today, logistics is control of the flow of products between the point of production and the point of consumption in order to fulfill consumer or corporate requirements and SAP S/4HANA 1709 provides a single source of truth for all these operations.
The Secrets of Omnichannel Excellence
Based on the industry or the scope, the word omnichannel has been used very loosely to represent various aspects. The omnichannel approach shifts us to the whole customer experience from a focus on customer transactions to the entire customer journey. How can you then precisely describe the omnichannel before we dive into the secrets of excelling it?
sap s4hana
SAP S/4HANA and its Emerging Importance on Your 2020 Roadmap
Gartner expects that by 2022, 30% of large companies will switch to a platform and product-centric approach with standardized ERP capabilities at the heart of it. In such a scenario, the organizations are poised to create a digital ecosystem with SAP S/4HANA, which makes business processes seamless and is the direction you will take to accomplish rapid business growth in the years to come.


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