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Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

Digital Transformation

Defining and realizing your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Your digital transformation roadmap must be aligned with changing business environment and the needs of your customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. For a successful digital transformation, business processes need to be transformed using the right technology platforms and end users need to adopt the transformed processes. However, research by industry analysts suggests that this investment doesn’t typically provide the returns expected.

At Applexus, we leverage our Running Start and Runway methodologies to help our clients define the right roadmap, accelerate value realization as well as de-risk and accelerate the realization of your digital transformation objectives. The key tenets of our approach are

  • Aligning your transformation roadmap with the business strategy
  • Involvement of senior executives at the right time to gain alignment and sponsorshipTransform your business processes and new capabilities using the right technology platforms
  • Accelerate business value realization from your transformation initiatives
  • Integrate user experience, Organizational Change Management and Learning with program execution to drive better user adoption
  • Leverage Applexus solutions to address gaps in technology platforms as well as use our tools and accelerators to improve program execution

Our business advisory services accelerates your Digital Transformation journey

Process Transformation

Applexus can assist your enterprise in transforming your business processes to meet your unique business objectives leveraging Business Process Intelligence, Process Design, RPA and IRPA.

Conducting a 360° assessment of your current business process through process analysis and mining using industry leading tools, we help identify opportunities for process improvements and simplification. These insights help in redesigning your business process and prioritizing high business value opportunities.

Applexus curates future state processes in conjunction with business goals and objectives. Leveraging industry best practices, process intelligence tools and SAP’s fit-to-standard approach, we craft a roadmap for optimum value realization.

Applexus can help you identify the right RPA use cases for your business defining a tailored automation roadmap for your business needs. Our execution involves RPA tool installation, Proof of Concept, and execution of identified use cases.

Applexus helps in Identifying AI/ML use cases aligned with more complex business requirements. With our MVP methodology, we help our customers realize rapid time-to-value through the agile implementation of the use cases.

Technology Strategy & Roadmap

Applexus technology strategy and roadmap provide significant benefits to businesses by assisting decision-makers with better technology investment insights.

A comprehensive evaluation of your existing technology landscape to discover critical technology gaps. Applexus through its assessment approach and tool selection methodoology, advises businesses for optimal technology investment best fit for the business while reducing TCO.

Applexus helps you define your vision for future state technology landscape and classifies existing applications across different categories – Retain, Retire, Rewrite. Through this rationalization, Applexus provides you a curated implementation roadmap.

Applexus defines the project implementation roadmap across SAP and non-SAP applications providing a prioritized sequence of projects and initiatives. We also help our customers with an assessment of project magnitude and resource commitment.

Applexus enriches project execution through infusing capabilities for the adoption of agile methodology. Through effective change management, we ensure the adoption of agile methodologies with a vision for an agile enterprise.

Applexus helps you craft a holistic cloud strategy and technology architecture for on-prem and on-cloud applications. Understanding the business requirement & needs, we help our customers to lay down a migration roadmap fit to their business.

Value Assurance

Applexus Value Assurance offerings are design to identify, design and deliver business value from our clients’ digital transformation initiatives. i. We ensure that the value is tightly integrated with the design and provide a governance structure to monitor value realization throughout the project.

Applexus helps develop a business case for investing in digital transformation analyzing the benefits, costs and risks involved. The analysis will highlight the full impact on business value for the proposed investment including NPV, IRR and ROI.

Key metrics and KPIs relevant to the critical processes in the project are clearly defined along with standard calculations and the data elements that would be used. The traceability and ownership for the metrics are also established to ensure continuous monitoring of the performance of the critical processes. Benefit tracking process is also established and governed ensuring the value identified is being realized during and after the design phase

Value audits help provide a quick review of the value assurance practices to identify improvement opportunities and also better integrate value assurance with the program execution. This ensures that value is being tracked throughout the project, reducing the risk of value erosion

A value-enabled design involves establishing the linkages between the business case and the process or functional design. This ensures that the project achieves all the strategic and operational goals set initially

Insights and Analytics

Applexus can enable a data-driven transformation for your organization at scale by unlocking the real-value of enterprise data assets

Applexus helps craft a data and analytics strategy for customers to unlock true potential of their enterprise data assets. This includes designing analytics application architecture and tool selection.

Applexus Data Management services go beyond the standard data management solutions with a comprehensive set of offerings. Our solution spans across the data lifecycle and can be delivered in a plug-and-play model with pre-built solutions.

At Applexus, we empower our customers to enable the vision of a Data-driven organization. Our integrated suite of AI-powered rapid deployment offerings to make more precise predictions, automate decisions, and accelerate time-to-value.

Top-performing organizations in data and analytics are enabled by deep functional expertise, strategic partnerships, and a clear center of gravity for organizing analytics talent. Applexus help client establish a self-service model, define future state and roadmap for data driven organization.

People and Organization

Applexus can help align your organization’s people strategy to realize the expected outcomes from your business transformation. We also help identify the right organization structure, incentives and goals to achieve the transformation

Applexus helps craft an OCM & Training and strategy needed to support your transformation initiatives. We also provide an implementation roadmap along with establishing a governance structure aligned with the program management

Applexus provides an Assessment of your organizational capabilities to undertake a transformation program. We also help identify the key leaders and stakeholders and ensure that they are aligned with the overall vision of the program while also finding out the key enablers and blockers

Applexus helps clearly define the organization structure and the roles aligned with the HR policies while also ensuring key stakeholder and leadership alignment

Applexus helps define the overall Learning & Development objectives and strategy along with an implementation roadmap while identifying and evaluating the LMS tools

Value Assurance Framework

Value Assurance Framework – Key enabler of the Applexus Approach to Digital Transformation

One of the main enablers of our approach is Value Assurance Framework which helps our clients realize expected business value from their transformation initiatives.

Value Assurance Framework (VAF) is split into three different phases, namely Discover, Design and Monitor and each phase will enable you to derive the best value from the project. Organizations need to ensure they go through with each of these phases. This helps them stay agile, scale the program, adjust to any disruptions, and change course to maximize value when needed.

  • Discovery Phase – The objective of this phase is to tap into areas that will result in values. This exercise reveals the regions that will create value for the business unit. Here you would need to focus on objectives, business case, key value drivers, and what needs to go or be replaced to bring about concrete transformative value.
  • Design Phase – The design phase ensures your solutions are tied to the key value drivers – they revolve around the benefits you hope to extract from the investment. In this phase, you’d ensure that the solution is value focused and take measures to embed the value within the business strategy.
  • Monitor phase – Once the digital initiative is deployed you need to start finding ways to measure the realization of value from it. Monitor the initiative to see if it bears fruits in accordance with your expectations. To pull this off, organizations need to start capturing, measuring, and reporting the bare minimum and maximum values they get from the project.

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