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Business Transformation Services

SAP Business Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Roadmap, are you READY?

Digital transformation is a journey. It requires cultural and behavioral changes as they can be complex, disruptive, and time-consuming. Each company is unique, and so is the scope and effort required to achieve a successful transformation. Your digital transformation roadmap must be prescriptive and address specific pain points for your departments and your most significant assets, “your end-users.”

For a successful transformation, business processes need to be reassessed, remapped, and simplified before, during and after a project along with the right digital-savvy leaders in place.  At Applexus, we help you identify core business areas in need of fine-tuning and alignment and prepare your end-users to embrace digital transformation. With careful planning and with a futuristic vision in mind along with a customary methodical process, Applexus can help you reach your destination FAST and SAFELY

  • Avoid excessive detours and unnecessary costs
  • Build new capabilities adaptable for the workforce of the future
  • Motivate and empower people to work in new ways
Digital Information Strategy and Road-mapping

Reduce Changes in Direction with an Actionable and Strategic Digital Roadmap

Digital transformation is NOT about adopting new technology just for the sake of it or having a series of ad-hoc digital projects. It should be tangible, actionable, and immediately applicable. It is about using digital solutions to break through the silos, uncover and eliminate bottlenecks in organizations and allow employees to make decisions on the spot and making them feel empowered. It must address immediate needs and pain-points no matter how small, medium, or large to our greatest assets and customers in IT the “End-Users.”

The key to a successful digital roadmap strategy is the one with shared and agreeable business goals by all stakeholders, instead of secluded digital initiatives to please the status quo.

Gain your Stakeholders Alignment with the Applexus Embark-Motivate-Engage approach which facilitates the creation of a comprehensive roadmap for your digital transformation journey with a defined and clear objective and a step by step roadmap to help you achieve your shared goals and initiatives, aimed for better scalability and always be on top of technology.

Business Process Tune-Up

Business Process Modelling solutions

Based on a three-pronged approach consisting of ‘Analyze, Measure, Improve,’ we study your current processes, identify counterproductive workflows, and propose a model that is in line with your business agenda. Our process models help you to:

  • Formalize existing workflow and implement a standard methodology across
    global business units
  • Communicate process information through an integrated channel, enabling stakeholders to be on the same page
  • Buffer risk and create auditable processes that ensure maximum compliance with regulatory standard
Process Simplification and Integration

Business Process - Simplification and Integration

Applexus helps businesses in building scalable solutions that can consolidate complex-event processes for their business units spread across the globe. Our approach enables enterprises to gain visibility into the performance of sub-processes in real-time and make faster, informed decisions.

We help businesses achieve operational excellence in automation, simplification, optimization, and integration operations, leveraging Lean Six Sigma methodology.


Business Process Optimization

Analyzing Your Business Is Not Enough, Optimize It...

Optimizing a business process requires more effort than simply purchasing a new software. It requires taking a critical look at an organization’s operations to minimize the resources required to get things done. Applexus has a great team of seasoned professionals to help companies identify the shortest and the best route to process as well as resource optimization while guaranteeing sustainable success.

At Applexus we help you put together the building blocks to

  • Streamline operations by eliminating process gaps and  improving cross-functional/interdepartmental collaboration
  • Find smarter ways to complete manual tasks to increase efficiency and letting your employees focus on the important stuff.
  • Speed up your processes, without sacrificing accuracy. That means you can make vital decisions faster and safe, knowing you have the latest data.
  • Map your critical processes, understanding who is part of it, what are the steps taken, the information exchanged and the goal. 
  • See who owns each process end to end, how it integrates with the rest of your business, and the results it’s delivering for further improvements.

Companies with optimized business processes will be able to conquer new frontiers, move boundaries, and adapt to unexpected changes FASTER.

Change Management

Change Management

Do Not Let Your Business Team Stand Still,
and Risk Leaving Them Behind In The Slow Lane.

One of the critical challenges in today’s workforce is catering to the needs of different generations at work. Our workforce will continue to see a shift within the talent pool, with numerous employees reaching the end of their careers and new generations entering the workforce. The influx of fresh talent is expected to grow by 58% percent in the next ten years with new ideas and trained with the latest technology. In this scenario, a successful change management strategy must align all generations and technology. Let Applexus help you create a scalable roadmap to better adapt to this inevitable change in the workforce.

We can help you and your business team get motivated and fire-up with innovation and technology. You keep your best talent in house and attract new talent, with hands-on training on the latest processes and procedures in the industry while maintaining key controls.

End - User Training

End - User Training

Don’t Leave Your End-Users to the End
Motivate and Get Great Results From End-User Training

One of the greatest challenges organizations faces today is getting employees to use and maximize the technology they have in place. Companies invest huge amounts of money, time, and resources to set up ERP systems for operational efficiency. But, sometimes, the outcome is not as expected.

Rolling out a new ERP system does not need to be a nightmare. You just need to have your employee training priorities straight. Your End-users need to understand how the new system is going to streamline and improve existing business processes, the value it brings to the organization in terms of achieving business objectives, what is expected of them their roles and responsibilities.

The SAP software system developed for an organization is unique to that organization. Therefore, generic training is not ideal. At Applexus our team of  SAP experts in end-user training can help you with:

  • Assessing the needs of the end-users and their computer skills so that a curriculum can be designed based on the roles and responsibilities of the target group and build confidence to work on SAP systems as business users.
  • Hands-on training with specific storylines and real-life business scenarios
  • Learning strategies that are more user-friendly, engaging, and interactive instead of a static PowerPoint presentation and screenshots.
  • A blended learning approach where training is done face to face but supplemented with remote and online methods for knowledge to be available on demand.
  • Create a sustainable and consistent training approach that provides long-term support and knowledge transfer.

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