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SAP BI Implementation and Support for Global Wholesale Distributor

Published on 25 October 2019
SAP Solutions

Applexus helped a Global Wholesale Distributor achieve an uninterrupted and smooth business function using an SAP system across Europe.

Customer Profile

Our client is a leading player in real estate development and home appliances, foods, and tobacco wholesale trading segments across the Middle East and Europe. They have business partners and networks worldwide and ensures that their business processes run efficiently across verticals and horizontals.

The Business Challenge

The company required stabilizing and integration of the SAP implementation system to ensure the smooth running of the business across Europe. They required a system for focus planning to evaluate production and sales cost reports. The other major requirements included Integration between R/3 and legacy systems used in different companies to avoid data manipulation and manual processes.

How We Helped

Applexus developed a system to perform stock availability checks during outbound delivery. The existing system was enhanced to transfer stocks from the vendor consignments to their own stock based on the delivery order. Apart from a workflow to handle internal approvals, the EDI for vendor communication was also developed. We designed and developed interfaces to connect the legacy system to SAP system, to enable the capture of business data to SAP. Along with an uninterrupted application maintenance and support system, we also implemented a Unicode system to enable the group to use SAP for different geographies.  

What They Achieved 

  • Uninterrupted and smooth running of business using the SAP system 
  • Optimal control of business functions and lack of manual processes through the Integration between R/3 and legacy systems 
  • Proper routing and timely completion of business process 
  • Better planning for trading and production through accurate reports 
  • Authorization checks to avoid data manipulation 
  • Implementations fully integrated into the day-to-day business processes 
  • Implementations done at optimum costs to yield maximum ROI