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Quality Engineering Services

SAP Quality Engineering and Testing Services (QE&T)

testing Overview

Customers have grown to recognize the value of having an independent partner execute testing for their SAP program. Our Quality Engineering and Testing Services (QE&T) are available as a point solution and also as an end-to-end service that cuts across all phases of an SAP project. Our services provide a hybrid onsite/offshore model that is the most cost effective in the industry. Our offshore team is staffed with specialized functional and technical SAP experts across various SAP solutions. Each of our offshore quality engineering team leads averages 10 plus years of SAP testing experience.

Our core competency includes:

  • Test automation development and architecture
  • Full lifecycle testing – Quality Engineering
  • Agile Testing
  • Performance engineering and designs
  • Deep SAP experience
Applexus Testing Services

Why Applexus SAP Testing Solutions?

The Applexus QE&T practice is created on the bold thought-leadership in the quality engineering space and many years of track record of successful SAP project delivery.

We offer independent testing for a single application or an entire SAP system. We implement better quality in shorter timeframes through our reusable assets and RunningStart agile methodology, which is closely knit with SAP Activate methodology. Our hybrid onsite/offshore flexible staffing model, makes us more desirable and cost-effective for our customers.

SAP Quality Engineering Services and Methodology

At Applexus we believe that quality and cost are closely related, as quality decreases cost increase. This is why we use a unique shift left approach in our RunningStart methodology. We engage in projects at an early stage, not to only catch defects early, but also to influence the decisions made at the beginning that can have negative impact on quality. Applexus’ shift left approach reduces cost of testing by 30% over other service providers.

  • Test strategy
  • Test project scope and approach
  • Workplan and resource planning
  • Test planning
  • Alignment with development plans
  • Identify critical integration paths
  • Finalize scope
  • Prepare standard end-to-end test scenarios
  • Prepare automated tests
  • Continuous Integrate and testing
  • Operational readiness tests
  • Plan and Execute cutover test

SAP Testing Key Offerings

Value & Impact Assessment

Core Testing Services

Testing is crucial to achieve the highest quality application experience. Applexus offers quality engineering and testing services across SAP applications. Our core testing services include Functional and non-functional testing. Our Quality Engineering team offers the testing services that are relevant in today’s market and agile world. We focus on individual functionalities and end to end scenario across multiple functional areas. The goal of this service is to ensure that the application functions and behaves as expected.

Offering components

  • Functional testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing


  • Reduced total cost of testing by 30%
Value & Impact Assessment

Extended Testing Services

Testing an application for functionality and behavior is not sufficient to certify the integrity of the application. Assessing how stable the application is from a responsiveness, security and compliance perspective is crucial. This is why Applexus’ extended testing service was created. The service offers a wide range of testing capabilities that can be applied together or separately to complete the full gamut of testing scenarios.

Offering components

  • Performance testing (Load, Endurance, and Stress testing)
  • Test Automation
  • Security Testing
  • Data Integrity Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Operational Readiness Testing


  • Shorten time to market by 45%
  • Reduced production application defects by 60%
Value & Impact Assessment

Advisory Services

As companies continues to lay more emphasis on IT cost reduction and running lean and agile, a robust quality engineering practice becomes essential. Applexus’ Quality Engineering & Testing (QE&T) Advisory Service is re-architecting how companies perceive and employ quality practices into their ecosystem. Our Quality Engineering advisors work with the client's team to understand the As Is environment and jointly layout a strategy that will enable the client to gain quality and speed to promote better business and technology innovations, as well as a better customer experience.

Offering components

  • Enterprise Testing CoE Org Design
  • Test Management Advisement
  • Test Automation Tool & Architecture Advisement
  • Agile testing transformation


  • Increase team productivity by 45%
  • Improve testing coverage
Value & Impact Assessment

Enterprise Testing Services

The continuously changing and fast-paced technology landscape evolution coupled by continuous introduction innovations across the technology landscape is making it more challenging for companies to manage the quality of their applications. Applexus’ Managed Testing Services is a pre-emptive testing service assurance model that uses statistical data to predictive and discovers problems before they materialize. Our framework leverages three key elements that drive best results. Quality Engineering Professionals, Innovation Tools and Process Optimization.

Offering components

  • Managed Testing Services
  • Hybris onsite/offshore model


  • Reduced total cost of ownership by to 35%


Joe Faluyi, Managing Principal for Quality Engineering at Applexus throws light on some of the most frequently asked questions around Quality Engineering. Watch this podcast series to understand the evolution of Quality Engineering, how organizations can embark on a Quality Engineering approach for their SAP projects and a lot more.


Joe Faluyi

Joe Faluyi

Practice Manager Testing

Varghese George

Varghese George

Practice Manager Testing

RunningValidation is Applexus’ method of ensuring quality delivery of software development projects. It is built on a combination of Quality Engineering and continuous validation principles. RunningValidation focuses not only of shifting testing to the left, but also on continuous validation of software through the release cycles and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and customer experience. It encompasses all activities related to the analysis of a product’s design and development processes for the purpose of improving the quality of production operation.”

Joe Faluyi

Joe Faluyi

Managing Principal - Quality Engineering
Applexus Technologies

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