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Quality Engineering Services

Quality Engineering Services

Effective and reliable application through our unique quality engineering services

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Elevate Software Standards with our Quality Engineering

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Ever wondered how Quality Engineering can turn every development move into a step toward superior SAP software quality? Quality Engineering represents a paradigm shift in how we approach testing. Rather than relegating testing to the final stages of software development, we champion the integration of quality at every phase. The focus lies in proactively preventing issues, early identification, and swift remediation. Our enterprise quality engineering services advocate seamless integration of quality throughout the entire development process, aligning with the dynamic pace of the digital landscape.

Our SAP Quality Engineering services are crafted to speed up processes through accelerated packages and enhanced reliability with innovative methodology, and our top-notch resources. Our meticulous testing protocols and a culture of relentless quality ensure that your applications function flawlessly. Backed by the Quality Engineering Consulting team, our expertise spans Quality Assurance (QA), automation, continuous testing, agile methodologies, and more.

Why Applexus for Your Quality Engineering Services

Choosing Applexus for your Quality Engineering Services comes with several advantages that transcend the conventional norms of SAP software development. Here's why Applexus stands out in ensuring an unparalleled experience for your SAP software development journey:

  • Elevated Product Quality: Our quality engineering services guarantee superior software quality, minimizing defects and enhancing customer satisfaction for a trusted and seamless user experience.
  • Agile Transformation: Our agile quality engineering transformation expertise ensures seamless alignment of development processes, empowering you to adapt and thrive in a dynamic landscape.
  • Accelerated Time: Expedite your software development by leveraging proprietary accelerator packages and advanced automated testing, surpassing conventional methodologies.
  • Cost-Efficiency through Global Delivery Model: Our global delivery model and lean operating agile methodology fosters cost-efficiency by proactively preventing issues, allowing a seamless development journey.

Key SAP Quality Engineering Offerings

Project Support

Project Based Testing Services

  • Functional Testing (System Testing/ Integration Testing/ Regression Testing/ UAT)
  • Conversion / Migration Testing
  • Localization-Globalization testing
  • Exploratory testing
Project Support

Advisory Services

  • Enterprise QE consulting
  • Test Lifecycle modeling 
  • QE Maturity Assessment -  Gap Analysis and RoadMap building
  • Risk Analysis and mitigation
Project Support

Enterprise Services

  • Setting up of Enterprise Testing Centre of Excellence(TCoE)
  • Tools Evaluation and Administration
  • Managed Testing Services
Project Support

Specialized Testing Services

  • Automation Framework Designing and Repository Building  
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing


Quality Engineering in SAP S/4 Transformation

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Quality Engineering Approach - RunningValidation

RunningValidation is Applexus’ method of ensuring quality delivery of software development projects. It is built on a combination of Quality Engineering and continuous validation and SAP Activate principles.

EnabledContentBusiness ProcessDiscovery &ValidationProjectScopeImpactAnalysisCentralizedTestManagementTestOptimizationIntegrationsValidationUser AcceptanceTestingTargetedRegression TestingContinuous Technical& User Validation


Joe Faluyi, Managing Principal for Quality Engineering at Applexus throws light on some of the most frequently asked questions around Quality Engineering. Watch this podcast series to understand the evolution of Quality Engineering, how organizations can embark on a Quality Engineering approach for their SAP projects and a lot more.

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Krishna Kashyap

VP - Enterprise Architecture
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Yogeesh Gangaiah

Associate Director - SAP Quality Engineering
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