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Business Analytics

Unlock Value from Enterprise Data Assets

Businesses are now faced with shorter decision cycles and, more than ever, need trusted insights into their data. They need immediate visibility to challenges, risks and realize value sooner as opportunities arise. Our analytics experts with deep industry and technical expertise help you extract maximum value from all your data assets, shaping your organization to be truly insights-driven. We develop the right strategic, technical, and organizational capabilities to take companies from vision to value and create truly data-driven organizations.

How We Can Help

Craft your analytics vision & Strategy


Craft your analytics vision & Strategy

  • Design roadmap and strategy for analytics
  • Develop analytics organization, community, governance, and processes
  • Model analytics platforms
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Modernize your Enterprise Data Fabric


Modernize your Enterprise Data Fabric

  • Modernize the data management architecture for the digital business
  • Enable flexible and responsive EDW and Data Lake Architectures
  • Establish data quality, governance, access, and integration to analytics
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Re-engineer decision making


Re-engineer decision making

  • Embed insights into the workflow to aid contextual decision making
  • Position analytics to the forefront of decision making
  • Harness the power of AI/ML to augment decision making
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Transform Information to Insights


Transform Information to Insights

  • Transition from reporting to analytics with visualizations and storytelling
  • Enable business intelligence for better business outcomes
  • Achieve optimal information-action ratio
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Augment insights with predictions and simulations


Augment insights with predictions and simulations

  • ‘Iris’ AI Solutions Platform: Framework, methodology & portfolio of AI use cases
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Organize effectively for the adoption of Analytics


Organize effectively for the adoption of Analytics

  • Data literacy, collaboration and smarter data sharing
  • Design of organization, governance, community and processes
  • Self-service models for data & analytics
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Solving Your Problems

Affinity/Market Basket Analysis

Understanding customer purchasing patterns through analysis of how products are purchased together

Labor Optimization

Labor productivity analytics focusedd on optimizing labor allocation to meet customer service levels

Market/Competitor Intelligence

Insights on market product and customer trends and how Ingles is performing compared to the industry

Supplier Management Scorecard

Consolidated holistic view to supplier performance, including metrics on vendor fulfillment performance, sales, profitability, inventory performance and product quality issues

Price Optimization Solution

A comprehensive solution that leverages pricing strategies, rules and statistical modeling to recommend optimal regular prices

Loss Prevention

Systematic insights that highlight loss trends and patterns and identify processes, products, vendors and associates that result in high losses

Assortment Optimization

Insights into assortment gaps (both across products and across stores), underperforming products and underserved customer needs.

Crisis Command Center

Navigate the business impact of any crisis with proactive response strategies to key risks related to Supply Chain, Sales, Finance and Workforce

Intelligent Customer Insights

Increase customer loyalty, minimize customer churn and drive more value from existing relationships

Intelligent Workforce Insights

Data driven actionable insights on workforce composition, recruiting, retention, diversity, turnover and Workforce ROI


Unlocking the Value of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud has today emerged as a scalable, agile analytics platform that puts analytics tools and data insights in the hands of everyone in an enterprise who can benefit from them.


Drive Business Self-Service Analytics with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Combining modern, unified analytics with powerful data management capabilities, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (SAP DWC) is the only end-to-end cloud-based analytical tool supporting enterprise-level predictive analytics, helping businesses make faster and better-informed decisions.

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