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The Essential Guide to "Disaggregate by Measure" in SAP Analytics Cloud

Published on 4 February 2024
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Filippo Naggi
Filippo Naggi
SAP Planning Architect

Filippo Naggi is a certified SAP Planning Architect with over 15 years of experience in the SAP ecosystem and analytics, with mastery in SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud. He has led multiple cloud programs, moving systems like SAP BPC, Anaplan, and HR to SAP Cloud. Fillippo Naggi has also managed SAP Cloud for Artificial Intelligence, SAC Cloud for Variance Analysis, and Full Group Operations on Amazon Web Service.

Explore the transformative power of the "Disaggregate by Measure" functionality in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) with the recent release in the 2024 Q1 version. In this blog, Fillippo Naggi, delves into the game-changing feature, allowing seamless allocation of costs, budgets, and values in SAC models. The functionality enables users to split data at the bottom level using a custom distribution without writing code, presenting a significant advancement.

For a detailed walkthrough and insights, read the full blog here.

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