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Customer Experience

Reinventing Quality Engineering- Driven CX
Day After Dark: Reinventing Quality Engineering- Driven CX
Today, as customers look for contactless safe transactions, the key barometer of the customer experience will be based essentially on how the organizations provide the customers who visit them services that meet their evolving needs with empathy, concern and consideration. Companies making this advent of digital to deliver superior experiences have a potential to boost acceptance and retain these consumer relationships after the crisis.
winning in the new retail normal post covid-19
Winning in the New Retail Normal Post Covid-19
As we got the retail industry leaders of the leading enterprises within India to talk about the current shifts happening within the retail industry in terms of technology and consumer behavior, the standard norms were disputed and innovative business strategies were brought forward for the quick win of Indian retailers.
retail customer experience and sap c/4hana
Customer Experience and C/4HANA
Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the global retailers at an unprecedented scale with majority of the customers shifting away from their primary stores. While you cannot really control your competition, you can stay ahead of them by getting closer to your customers through delivering customer-centric processes.
Designing an AI-enabled Facial Recognition System for Retail
AI-enabled facial recognition is vital for the retail industry as it can help retailers understand their customers better to deliver improved customer experiences. To win in this customer age, retailers need to move from their traditional retailing software and adopt client ling software coupled with face recognition.
Intelligent Experience
A Journey to SAP Intelligent Experience
Intelligent technologies are an essential part of SAP's Business Technology Platform. The next trends in user experience (UX) at SAP are likely to hear Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These are not just buzzwords but are already in reality within SAP meeting the user's needs most effectively and enjoyably.
The Secrets of Omnichannel Excellence
Based on the industry or the scope, the word omnichannel has been used very loosely to represent various aspects. The omnichannel approach shifts us to the whole customer experience from a focus on customer transactions to the entire customer journey. How can you then precisely describe the omnichannel before we dive into the secrets of excelling it?


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