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Workforce Management

Applexus OKR
OKR takes Applexus to next level of success by creating a Focused Culture
A shared mission is always an organization’s ace to collective intelligence. But in the real world “five actings as one” might feel so challenging, as they integrate an ambitious business goal into the daily routines of the workforce. OKR – short for Objectives and Key Results, is a goal system that is used to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals!
Working from home during COVID-19
Working from Home During COVID-19 Part Two
To be effective at times of crisis it is important to build strong communication and trust, as well as to create safe WFH guidelines that explain what good work ethics are. Adaptation is the need of the hour and those who adjust to the good practices for technology and meeting management will not have trouble down the line.
Working from home during COVID-19
Working from home during COVID-19- Part One
Over the past few months, things have changed a lot due to the COVID-19 with businesses switching rapidly to remote work across the world. As we operate from home, it will be important for our teams to ensure that delivery quality remains the highest. With that in mind, we have put together exclusive insights collected from years of remote working and common sense from our consultants.


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