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S/4HANA Migration 4Leading Gaming Company | Success story

S/4 Technical Migration assessment for a leading gaming company

SAP ECC to S/4HANA Migration for Leading Gaming Company

Company Profile

The client is a multinational gaming company headquartered in Las Vegas. As a leading player in the gaming industry, they design, manufacture, and distribute a diverse range of gaming products and systems worldwide. The company is renowned for its innovation and unrivaled experiences in the development of slot machines, casino games, and lottery technology.

Business Challenges and Objectives

The client, as a long-time SAP customer, had a full suite of SAP products in its business landscape. They had 3 separate ECC instances mainly due to multiple acquisitions along with Central Finance (cFIN) to bring it all together. With the mainstream support from SAP for ECC ending in 2027, the company wished to upgrade to S/4HANA sooner than later.

Our client had approached a major SI for the same a year back but was looking for an alternate recommendation. They decided to test the waters by migrating their lottery instance (ideal since it had no manufacturing) to S/4HANA first rather than completely consolidating all 3 instances in one go.

  • Migrate to S/4HANA before the end of mainstream support for SAP ECC in 2027.
  • Looking for quick wins by migrating their lottery instance to S/4 instead of one big consolidation project.
  • A lower cost approach to S/4HANA migration


Applexus carried out an 8-week-long assessment leveraging CeleRITE – our automation platform for accelerated migrations and landscape modernization, along with other SAP tools. We carried out the assessment for functional areas such as Finance, Logistics – SD, PS, MM & PP, and HCM, and technical areas including Analytics, Data, Integration, and code. Furthermore, we ran a combination of SAP tools and Applexus CeleRITE add-ons (CeleRITE process change analyzer) to assess configuration - deprecation of functionality and usage by the company, RICEF impact, and improvement opportunities. Additionally, we:

  • Assessed data volumes and identified the data objects that need to be migrated.
  • Recommended a hybrid migration approach leveraging the CeleRITE Carve-out method along with an estimated project timeline and cost.
  • Recommended pre-project activities prior to the actual migration to reduce the associated risks.


Gaming Company


ECC to S/4HANA Migration

At a glance

Our client was looking to migrate their technology landscape integrated with SAP products from ECC to S/4HANA at the earliest. They had engaged with a major SI but wanted an alternate recommendation. Applexus conducted a comprehensive assessment of the functional and technical areas leveraging our proprietary automated migration tool called CeleRITE. The assessment, over an 8-week period, helped realize a realistic timeline and recommendations on the approach and roadmap for their transformation project. As part of this, we used a combination of SAP tools and CeleRITE add-ons to assess configuration, RICEF impact, and improvement opportunities.

Post the assessment Applexus supported the idea to upgrade the lottery instance to S/4HANA as a standalone instance that continues to feed the central cFIN instance as this allows for more future flexibility. Applexus also recommended that the client follow an agile roadmap with smaller easily consumable projects to reduce the risk of migration. Leveraging our RunWay approach for S/4 transformation, an optimize then modernize strategy was suggested – kickstarting the project by cleaning house with data optimization, code optimization and process standardization followed by a technical upgrade with an improved user experience.

ECC S4HANA Migration benefits

Key benefits delivered

  • Leveraged CeleRITE for the assessment; shared recommendations to migrate the client’s lottery instance from ECC to S/4HANA.
  • As part of the readiness check, 57 error types across 3402 objects were identified that would need addressing since they will no longer operate in S/4HANA.
  • Recommended an agile roadmap with smaller, easily consumable projects to reduce the risk as business conditions and technology change.  
  • Ongoing Proof of Concept (POC) for SAP Signavio for further process improvements.
  • Proposed pre-project activities in preparation for actual migration to reduce the risks, the cost, and the timeline.
  • The cleanup activities include custom code assessment, code remediation, data source assessment, data retention and archiving, landscape planning, and integration.
  • The lottery migration project will kick-start the company’s multi-year S/4 roadmap.

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