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Consumer Products


SAP Services and Software Solutions For Consumer Products

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

The consumer products industry is evolving at a faster pace, and is preparing to get to the next level of growth. In the past, product innovation and a sound understanding of market dynamics alone were enough for consumer goods companies to survive in the highly competitive consumer products marketplace.
Today, past trends can no longer serve as a guideline for businesses to stay ahead in the game. The consumer goods industry is increasingly becoming a complex industry compounded by numerous factors — such as rapid digitization, changing consumer preferences, demographic shifts, global and local competition and business process automation challenges, and so on. As businesses try to take advantage of growth opportunities, they need to replace legacy processes with truly digital processes.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

How SAP for Consumer Products Can Help Businesses

To make growth and position sustainable, we enable Consumer Products companies to incorporate technological innovations into their business strategy and shift product portfolios towards in-demand categories. We help businesses to anticipate future trends in the CPG industry and equip them to overcome operational challenges that repress growth.

Our consumer goods IT solutions enable enterprises to realize needs of consumers, make timely decisions, manage product lines and reduce operational overheads. By merging global dimension with local relevance, organizations can redefine business, improve operational efficiency and achieve scalability.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

Why Applexus’s SAP Software for Consumer Goods Industry

Applexus has 15+ years of experience in providing solutions in the Consumer Products space. We help businesses anticipate future trends and overcome operational challenges. Evolving over the years, we have:

  • Delivered numerous multi-billion projects for CPG industry
  • Deep industry experience and thought leadership in ‘Redefining Business’
  • Strong product development team with focus on ‘Innovation for Future’
  • Efficient global delivery model with competitive pricing
  • Customized solutions for your specific business needs
  • Teams providing offshore, onshore and nearshore application delivery
    and support

SAP Consumer Goods/FMCG Software Solutions

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

Continuous product and process innovation is necessary for CPG companies to increase productivity and reduce unit costs. With Applexus as development partner, CPG businesses can cut down on costs, decrease product development time, shorten time-to-market and escalate product success percentages. All of this, while satisfying customers and meeting regulatory and quality standards.

Project and portfolio management

Decrease operational costs, improve efficiency and time to market while ensuring product safety, quality standards and supply chain monitoring.

Product lifecycle management

Reduce development times, material costs and get to market first with superior and regulatory compliant products.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

Effective procurement practices can reduce direct spend and minimize risk. It is, therefore vital for CPG companies to integrate sourcing and procurement. Applexus will provide you with SAP services that deliver an efficient, integrated, and comprehensive procure-to-pay system. Our solutions and services include direct and indirect procurement, services, commodity management and contingent labor management.

Strategic sourcing and supplier management

Promote efficiency and compliance in supplier relationship management through collaboration and strategic sourcing.

Operational procurement

Streamline procurement operations and minimize risk by consolidating procurement activities in one place, shortening procure-to-pay cycles.

Commodity management

Provide a comprehensive view of commodity procurement, sales and risk management processes with real-time data collection and reporting.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

Focusing on customer service and profitability while balancing dynamic supply and demand processes requires synchronization of operations. Applexus can help businesses synchronize and reorganize their supply chain management. This may range from sourcing and manufacturing to warehousing and shipping to augmenting the supply chain process. We assist CPG businesses with real-time, analytics-based inventory forecasting and scheduling to achieve DIFOT (Delivered In-Fill, On-Time) results with lean inventory and fast, efficient material movement throughout the warehouse.

Demand-driven business planning

Align strategic, financial, sales, and operational goals with cross-functional collaboration.

Response and supply management

Real-time monitoring of customer and consumer demands for quick response and reduced supply chain latency.

Logistics and order fulfillment

Optimize inventory processes by gaining visibility needed to smoothen warehouse operations and order fulfillment.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

The fiercely competitive consumer goods segment demands that companies attain high profitability at low outlay. Our solutions can help you manage your manufacturing process cost effectively and with increased ROI. Our agile manufacturing services and solutions will cover the entire gamut of the production process - from planning to execution. Pre and post-production compliance and safety can be ensured with our product safety and stewardship services.

Manufacturing Management

Orchestrate global manufacturing operations, supporting reliable and sustainable product innovation.

Product Safety and Stewardship Network

Enforce compliance and manage regulations at each step of the product lifecycle.

Operational Excellence

Improve operational safety, optimize asset performance, avoid unplanned downtime and optimize resource usage.

SAP Consumer Products Industry Solutions

The highly connected and empowered consumers of today has a multitude of choices and will simply move on if they are unengaged or dissatisfied with products. Our insight–driven, agile management services include marketing optimization with omnichannel interaction capabilities to engage the modern consumer. Applexus team can assist in bringing together standalone departments such as sales, marketing, service, supply chain and manufacturing and help them be more customer-focused.

Marketing management

Deliver relevant and individualized consumer experiences across marketing channels to build lasting loyalty.

Sales management

Equip sales team with the right insights and analytics to help them deliver value throughout the customer journey.

Trade management

Plan and execute collaborative and insight-driven customer promotional activities and programs.

Commerce management

Provide relevant, seamless, cohesive customer experiences across channels.

Service management

Deliver real-time views into operational status, provide outstanding customer service and support at every touchpoints.

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