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SAP CAR implementation with integration to non-SAP legacy systems

Published on 5 October 2021
SAP CAR Integration with non-SAP Legacy Systems

Customer Profile

A leading beverage retailer in the US with an extensive grid of over 200 retail stores, e-commerce, and direct sales to wholesale customers.

Business Challenge

As both their legacy POS and sales audit system were nearing end-of-life, the client was looking to replace both systems with a state-of-the-art solution. They chose GK Software’s POS system and SAP’s Customer Activity Repository (CAR) that runs on SAP HANA for the transformation, taking into consideration the strength of their POS functionality and standard integration of CAR into the sales audit system.

Applexus InSITE

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Partnering with Applexus  

Since the retailer’s existing financial, sales order, and master data systems were not running on SAP, the Applexus team designed custom interfaces to those legacy systems to obtain the required master data, sales order systems and finance

Since their business model consisted of multiple sales channels that used different data sources, the delivered solution was optimized to support all the sales channels and the legacy systems. In addition to the SAP CAR sales audit solution, Applexus also delivered our Consumer Credit Card and Media Reconciliation CAR Add-on capabilities.

As the client was one of the first companies globally to implement the SAP CAR solution with integration to non-SAP legacy systems, the project is highly regarded by SAP for the innovative integration to the retailer’s legacy systems.

Benefits Delivered

  • Quicker sales auditing and reporting processes as well as improved management of the company’s audit processes
  • Visualization of real-time insights into sales and customer data across all their channels
  • Increased forecast accuracy of customer demand which enabled them to optimize their business processes and inventory levels

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