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SAP EXIM Add-On Solution Development for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Published on 25 October 2019
SAP Solutions

Applexus helped a Global Pharmaceutical Company streamline its export-import process with nEXIM, an add-on solution to SAP EXIM that addresses some region-specific challenges.

Customer Profile 

Our customer is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in the world and the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in the US, with 49 manufacturing units that produce over 2,000 products. With a strong global presence, our client company offers a wide range of generic and specialty products in therapeutic areas such as cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, and more. The firm’s annual revenue exceeds $4.0 billion. 

The Business Challenge 

Our customer was dealing with huge volumes of import-exports amounting to transactions worth billions of dollars. As international trade requires all exporters and importers to comply with rules and regulations, they had to manage a wide array of legal (and non-legal) documents.  

While the standard SAP EXIM solution can handle minor export-import processes, it is inadequate to manage country-specific documentation and financial transactions. To fill this void, we deployed nEXIM, our S/4 HANA compatible add-on solution which was customized to suit the customer’s specific processes. 

How SAP nEXIM Helped  

Our proprietary SAP EXIM solution addresses some country-specific challenges associated with international trade. The solution enhances the standard SAP EXIM features in areas of License/ Scheme, Export Documentation, Letter of Credit, and its tracking. In addition to this, we added functionalities such as bonds and bank guarantee to make it a comprehensive solution that fulfilled all their export-import requirements. We also developed a few custom applications that were client-specific and added them to our solution.

What They Achieved 

  • Applexus nEXIM ensured that the customer was able to address all their documentation, reporting and tracking requirements pertaining to international trade.
  • The portal-based solution made business operations seamless, while also providing an alert framework that facilitated time-critical decision making 
  • The client gained enhanced transparency into their export-import operations 
  • They were able to ensure optimum efficiency in business operations, as the solution is integrated with standard SAP and its logistics modules such as Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), and Financial Accounting (FA)