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Automating SAP Logon Password Reset with Power Automate

Published on 26 February 2024
Power Automate blog
Archana Prathapan
Archana Prathapan
Consultant - SAP ABAP

Archana specializes in the development of SAP business solutions with a dedicated focus on implementation and transformation projects. She is highly skilled in navigating the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Agile development methodologies, meticulous design, seamless implementation, rigorous testing, and successful Go-live phases. Her proficiency across various modules including EHSM, PLM, and CAR allows her to deliver tailored solutions that meet diverse business solutions.

Handling user accounts, especially for large organizations with many users and systems, can be challenging. This blog offers a step-by-step guide to automating SAP Logon password management using Power Automate, starting from capturing user requests via Outlook to executing password resets within SAP Logon.

Through meticulous validation checks and VBScript execution, the process ensures security and integrity before updating passwords and notifying users. Emphasizing the significance of thorough testing, the blog underscores the transformative potential of automation in enhancing efficiency and security in managing SAP Logon password resets for large organizations.

For a detailed walkthrough and insights, read the full blog here: Automating SAP Logon Password Reset with Power Aut... - SAP Community

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