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Managed Service Providers Outperform Internal IT Teams, Achieving 40% Cost Savings in SAP Ecosystems

Published on 8 June 2023
SAP Application Management Services with Applexus xCare
Daniel Ratchford
Daniel Ratchford
VP and Head of Delivery, Canada

Daniel Ratchford is the VP and Head of Delivery, Canada and part of the leadership team at Applexus Technologies. With over 20 years of experience in enterprise software solutions, Dan is an expert in designing winning solutions to reshape significant corporate transformations. Dan holds a Master's Degree in Executive Leadership & Creative Solutioning from the Schulich School of Business, Canada.

Achieving significant cost savings in your SAP landscape requires the right strategies and resources. While your internal IT teams play a crucial role, partnering with a dedicated SAP Application Management Services (AMS) provider offers distinct advantages. From rising operational costs and inefficient resource allocation to excessive spending or missed cost-saving opportunities, the SAP landscape can present various challenges. However, Managed Services emerge as the much-needed solution, providing a clear pathway to address these financial pain points. AMS providers identify these cost drivers, streamlines processes, optimize resource utilization, and eliminate unnecessary expenditures, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Managed Services for SAP is a comprehensive IT service offering that optimizes application operations, maximizes performance, minimizes costs, and aligns with strategic business objectives. Though some may question the need for external support when internal IT teams are in place, the truth is that partnering with an AMS provider can deliver added value and significant cost savings. AMS partners enable your internal IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives, leveraging their potential for driving innovation and business growth. By relieving your internal IT team of the burden of SAP application management, the AMS team enables them to focus on core business objectives. Meanwhile, your SAP landscape is entrusted to AMS experts who deliver exceptional process improvements and ensure system stability. By embracing AMS for SAP applications, organizations gain a competitive advantage, positioning themselves as agile, financially astute enterprises poised for success.

xCARE AMS Cost ComparisonxCARE AMS Cost Comparison

Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring system stability and process improvements is a key priority for Applexus. Companies can experience significant gains of up to 40% in their operations by harnessing the power of xCare Managed Services. With a focus on robust governance practices, we also ensure a 10% productivity gain Year-over-Year through streamlined processes and efficient resource allocation. Our global delivery model provides access to the right resource mix and skill sets, driving increased value, improved quality, and reduced costs. We emphasize transparency in cost structures and offer flexible resourcing options to optimize cost efficiency and align with your business objectives.

As depicted in the graph, our AMS drives substantial cost reductions, but it also encompasses a range of key value drivers that elevate your business process significantly. IT teams and decision-makers often find themselves burdened by repetitive tasks that consume valuable time and resources, hindering progress. According to surveys, significant effort is allocated to developing, and maintaining internal IT applications, and handling helpdesk tasks for colleagues. At Applexus, we recognize the need to break free from these routine operations and reclaim the freedom to innovate.

Now, let's explore the key value drivers offered by our AMS solution that will transform your SAP ecosystem:

  • Maximize uptime and ensure smooth, efficient operations with proactive monitoring, diagnosis, and continuous process improvement for SAP systems.
  • Spark innovation and efficiency through dynamic automation capabilities that streamline operations and drive changes for increased value and agility.
  • Leverage our industry knowledge and SAP expertise for application management, business process support, data governance, and quality services that meet your specific needs.
  • Empower your workforce with effective training and automated processes, enabling your business to focus on core functions and drive success.
  • Ensures robust governance through KPI identification, continuous improvement, and proactive issue resolution, leveraging our expertise and acumen for SAP landscape.


Managed Services is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to realize the full potential of their SAP ecosystem and drive sustainable growth. By choosing xCare AMS, you are not just opting for cost savings of up to 40%, but you are investing in a comprehensive suite of services that will transform your business. Beyond cost savings, we offer a comprehensive range of value drivers that set us apart from the competition. Our AMS methodology, xCare, is specifically designed to alleviate the operational workload that weighs you down.

With a focus on SAP solutions, AMS providers streamline processes and empower you to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise. We understand that your SAP applications require more than routine maintenance. That's we focus on driving business optimization and fostering innovation, empowering you to realize the full potential of your SAP ecosystem. With xCare, we manage, maintain, and continuously improve your SAP application platforms and provide end-to-end technology services encompassing strategy, advisory, development, and operations. By investing in Applexus xCare AMS, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to your success. The team will work closely with you, providing personalized support, training, and guidance to help you make the most of your SAP applications. Choose Applexus xCare AMS and position your business for a future of enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, and sustained success, all while achieving significant cost savings.

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