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Unlock your business potential with Applexus xCare Application Management Services (AMS)

Published on 6 February 2023
Daniel Ratchford
Daniel Ratchford
VP and Head of Delivery, Canada

Daniel Ratchford is the VP and Head of Delivery, Canada and part of the leadership team at Applexus Technologies. With over 20 years of experience in enterprise software solutions, Dan is an expert in designing winning solutions to reshape significant corporate transformations. Dan holds a Master's Degree in Executive Leadership & Creative Solutioning from the Schulich School of Business, Canada.

With a new perspective and strategy for Application Management Services (AMS), you can go beyond the basics, promote innovation and enhance growth.

SAP leads the way in business innovation, enabling businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behavior. Companies often invest millions in enterprise software without realizing that the solutions' real value is in their ability to solve specific business problems. SAP has undergone numerous changes over the years, and the new features and functionality added may be beyond the experience of your internal IT department. To keep pace with the changing SAP landscape, you need an efficient AMS partner.

The transition from implementation to operation is an area of concern for IT organizations. The delivery models for Application Management Services (AMS) are constantly evolving, and Applexus is positioned to keep your business ahead of the curve. Teaming up with us opens the door to a comprehensive suite of services that maintain your competitiveness, boost your performance, and ensure stability for your business operations. With our AMS solution, you have access to an array of resources and the professional expertise of our consultants.

Why Applexus for your AMS

Applexus for AMS

Applexus has a proven track record of helping clients extract more value from their SAP ecosystems. Our AMS methodology, "xCare", is designed to increase application stability, lower support costs, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and continuously improve your SAP applications. With xCare Application Management Services (AMS) we go beyond the traditional monitoring and support model and focus on business optimization and innovation.  In addition to managing, maintaining, and continuously improving our customers' application platforms, we also provide full lifecycle technology services including strategy, advisory, development, and operations.

Business value can only be achieved by integrating an application management strategy supported by proven methodologies and tools. With Applexus xCare, you get technical, functional, and administrative support to minimize IT complexity and reduce costs. xCare offers cutting-edge features and unparalleled benefits that enhance transparency in operations, making it a top-tier service in its class.

Continuous improvement & proactive monitoring

continuous improvement and proactive monitoring
  • System stability: Our team not only ensures the proper functioning but proactively monitors and diagnoses your SAP applications. By enhancing stability, xCare support helps to maximize the uptime of your systems, and analyze, report, and respond to potential issues in real-time.
  • Automation: xCare streamlines business operations by automating routine tasks. Our standardized delivery model and intelligent automation solution assist businesses to transform their applications into catalysts of innovation, leading to increased business value. Our AMS team designs solutions that support rapid changes and process automation by standardizing processes.
  • Agility: As a leading provider of software services, our team quickly rectifies any application malfunctions or failures and provides future-proof solutions. The xCare team also provides all the necessary tools to manage and deploy applications, allowing business users to continue working with minimal disruption.
  • Process improvement: xCare solution removes the complexities of legacy systems by recommending configuration changes that optimize the existing system. We follow a process-centric approach based on industry best practices and structure the engagement to best meet the client's objectives.
  • Updates, patches, and fixes: Our xCare support team, with extensive IT experience, is proficient in maintaining SAP applications. We monitor your SAP system, release patches and fix bugs when necessary, and work with you to minimize system downtime.

Deep Domain Expertise

  • SAP expertise: With xCare, you can expect an integrated suite of application and solution management, business process support, data governance, and quality support services delivered with proven industry standards and in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Industry best practices: Our AMS support follows the best practices and supports efficient, consistent delivery of quality service and measurable value. To provide robust solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business, the xCare team has developed and maintained a powerful set of tools, methodologies, and accelerators.
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM): The secret to sustaining the effectiveness of a digital transition is to make sure that an efficient internal training strategy has been implemented. Our AMS team provides effective training to business users, and automates routine tasks, allowing businesses to free up valuable time and resources.

Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Global delivery model: Our xCare AMS global delivery model allows us to provide access to the right resources and skill sets needed to meet your business objectives. Our services are persistently focused on increasing value, improving quality, and reducing costs.
  • Transparency in cost: Our value-based AMS model emphasizes demand-driven consumption, flexible deployment, and transparent support costs. To achieve cost optimization, we offer flexible contract terms.
  • Flexible resourcing: Our xCare AMS support is designed to help your organization optimize and generate more value through efficient and smart methods. With our value-based approach, resources can be pooled with diverse and specialized skill sets. The ability to easily ramp up or down resources significantly improves productivity and reduces costs.
  • Robust governance: Our xCare AMS team identifies key KPIs relevant to your business and seeks opportunities for continuous improvement. With regular status checks, and monthly and quarterly review meetings, we continuously analyze the process and promptly address any issues that may impact your business. Our combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and management experience creates a competitive advantage for your SAP landscape.

Quickly adapt to changes

  • Change as per business landscape: With a focus on integrating IT and business roles and responsibilities, xCare AMS carefully identifies improvement opportunities, evaluates their value, implements changes, and monitors results. By tracking the operational performance steadily, our team ensures your company never loses sight of its core objectives, even in a fluctuating business environment.
  • Scalability and flexibility: The xCare team delivers dynamic support, propelling your business toward continued growth and success. We provide a flexible framework that customizes Application Management Services (AMS) to meet your IT and business objectives. By leveraging our resources, your business can adapt to changing market needs.
  • Free up your key IT resources: With xCare support, you can streamline business operations, free up internal IT resources for strategic initiatives, and improve your operational efficiency. Our xCare team supports optimum growth, reduces in-house staff burden on tedious tasks, and focuses their attention on core business priorities.
  • Agility in operations: It is crucial to determine how and when an enterprise application is supported, as these decisions greatly impact its total cost of ownership (TCO), risk, end-user satisfaction, and operational agility. XCare will make recommendations based on your business needs and follow best practices to keep you ahead of technology trends.


As a global technology leader, Applexus offers access to a vast talent pool across multiple industries. We utilize all our resources to provide the best support for your business and leave no stone unturned. Our broad network of industry professionals, business acumen, and SAP proficiency surpass the capabilities of your in-house IT team, so we are more likely to have encountered and solved similar problems to yours, and even if we haven't, we are well-equipped to find a solution quickly.

Our out-of-the-box deployment model and end-to-end capabilities for core enterprise applications enable and enhance the potential of your SAP applications. As part of the xCare AMS approach, we provide operational and technical capabilities across a global platform to continuously meet our client’s business objectives. Every aspect of our service is designed to reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate the value creation of your SAP estate. With xCare, organizations can quickly secure enterprise solutions, optimize applications, and integrate new technology efficiently.

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