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Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

IRIS: Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Enabling the vision of a Data-driven Smart Workplace through superior Analytical and Predictive Methodologies

Our Intelligent Rapid Deployment Offerings

Enable the vision of the Intelligence Enterprise with our integrated suite of AI powered rapid deployment offerings to make more precise predictions, automate decisions, accelerate time-to-value and optimize workforce to achieve your goals faster.

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions
Sales & Customer Intelligence

Sales & Customer Intelligence

For your business to scale up in the middle of unprecedented disruptions, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of your customers while making crucial business and sales decisions.

Predictive Customer Churn

Plug the leak in your customer bucket. Discover the intentions behind your customer churn with intelligent models and develop innovative ideas to increase customer retention.

Consumer Market Intelligence

Leverage the behavior pattern analytics and analyze your customer behavior in real-time to promote tailored intelligent recommendations to enrich your customer loyalty and retention. 

Retail Sales Insights

Improve your bottom-line through driving actionable sales with retail analytics to improve your promotional offers, product assortment, and profits.

Customer Segmentation

Divide your customer base to hyper-personalize and optimize your marketing efforts and campaigns on the basis of their previous interactions with your services and offers.

Optimized Pricing & Promotions

Optimized Pricing & Promotions

Build a competitive advantage without sacrificing superior customer experience, through optimizing your price waterfall of offers and promotions across all their touchpoints, targeting the valuable customers.

Promotion Optimization

Use your data intelligently to free up dollars and focus on your most effective promotions to create true incremental impact on your promotional activity; at both the item and basket levels.

Affinity Analysis

Take insight driven actions based on selling patterns using product affinities and sales history, to provide assortment recommendations that trigger repeat purchases from potential customers.

Price Testing and Optimization

Know the sweet spot for your product pricing that generates the highest profit by running A/B Tests on prices and optimize them for your product assortment.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations

Transform your business operations performance more intelligent through integrating latest technology with business process expertize and efficient workforce. 

Crisis Command Center

Outsmart your business uncertainty through command center-type data to develop proactive response strategies through risk identification and potential impact assessment. 

Loss Prevention

Prevent the shrink through predictive analytics and insights to improve your operational efficiency and create a better customer experience.

Assortment Optimization

Align your assortment planning based on your current store clustering data to execute more customized and demand-based assortment planning.

Working Capital Analytics

Manage your cash and trade flows more efficiently unlocking the funds trapped in business processes and inventory to keep your business moving forward. 

Workforce & Supplier Intelligence

Workforce & Supplier Intelligence

Stack up against your competitors with exceptional workforce metrics and supplier intelligence through actionable insights and interactive reports.

Workforce Analytics

Distill your substantial volume of data into useful and actionable information through workforce reporting and analytics solutions to improve your resource planning. 

Labor Optimization

Maximize your selling potential by leveraging individual store traffic data to build unique associate schedules optimizing the number of associates to the customers visiting your store. 

Supplier Scorecard

Assess the performance of your suppliers keeping a track of their item quality, delivery, and responsiveness to automate scorecard generation and purchasing decisions.

Iris- Key Products and Solutions

An Intelligent Enterprise is not just a theory – it’s happening now! With our AI enables plug-and-play solutions and analytics framework you can evolve at speed to “be intelligent” everywhere.

Why Iris

Powered by the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, IRIS assists your business in rapid transformation to Enterprise Intelligence, no matter where your business is in the AI journey.

Digital Realization
Digital Realization

Deliver a step-change in productivity to build powerful business solutions through automation.

Business Process Agility
Business Process Agility

Redefine end-to-end experience through simplified and automated processes to empower your employees and customers.

Intelligent Suite
Intelligent Suite

Transform your workforce engagement through combining artificial intelligence with people to generate innovative thinking.

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