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Applexus Insite

accounts payable solution

Applexus Intelligent Supplier Invoice Transformation & Enablement (Applexus InSITE)

Offers streamlined process flows using intelligent data extraction with automated exception handling and approval workflows for processing vendor invoices. Built on SAP platform with easy deployment & easy maintenance

SAP Accounts Payable Automation Solution

What is Applexus InSITE Solution?

Applexus InSITE is built on SAP platform and delivers an end-to-end automated vendor invoice processing. It helps organizations to digitize PO & Non-PO based invoice processing needs with a short implementation timeline. It is built on SAP Fiori and has a simple and intuitive user experience. The business rules can be easily configured based on the processing needs.

Value Propositions

Applexus helps enterprises solve their toughest accounts payable challenges, backed by 15-year track record of transformative customer outcomes.

Eliminate Common Errors while automating Invoice Processing with AP Automation Solution

Replacing manual data entry with automation, Applexus InSITE captures the invoices received through multiple channels (Email, Scan, EDI, IDoc, Supplier Self Service Portal, SAP Ariba) via Applexus Intelligent Data Extraction and Recognition (AIDER) technology.

Automated invoice validation and exception handling enables Accounts Payable to detect and remediate errors early in the invoice process flow in addition to eliminating data entry and manual processing errors.

Insite work flow


Our industry experts in the latest webinar, AI powered Vendor Invoice Automation Solution to Transform Accounts Payable explored more on the latest innovations in invoice management and automation and how it goes beyond the standard AP processes to completely automate your vendor invoice processing.

Elizabeth Fratantuono

Elizabeth Fratantuono

Solution Executive

Elizabeth Fratantuono
Subhash Sidharthan

Maha Feghali- Vartanians

Executive Advisory
Enterprise Architecture - SAP

Maha Feghali- Vartanians
Alan Young

Alan Young

Vice President & General Manager Finance - Applexus

Alan Young
Shelley Schwartz

Shelley Schwartz

Principal Solution Architect

Shelley Schwartz

Automated Accounts Payable Key Benefits

Applexus InSITE Experience

E-Invoice Solution

Applexus InSITE Business Benefits

  • Easy, intuitive, and streamlined user interface and experience with productivity enhancing features
  • Eliminates duplicate invoice settlements, reduces processing costs, and facilitates discrepancy resolution.
  • Minimal data entry for accounts payable team, increases efficiency of AP executives.
  • Easy configurability by business users
  • Leverages available discounts and reduces late fees.
  • Provides end-to-end visibility throughout the invoice process lifecycle.
  • Improves vendor management compliance, maximizing on alignment between vendor negotiations and payments
  • Automates invoice review, approval and exception handling early in the payment process
  • Facilitates internal and external financial auditing and reporting
  • Links AP to provide a more complete financial view for CFOs while delivering a single interface for users to manage their workflow.
Value & Impact Assessment

Applexus InSITE Technical Benefits

  • Pre-packaged configuration and short implementation timeline
  • Deep integration within finance ensuring timely and accurate error handling
  • Comprehensive audit trail and access traceability capabilities
  • Seamless, customizable validation routines aligned to AP validation
  • Easy cloud based deployment and support
  • Secure, scalable, and easy to monitor process flows
  • Flexible architecture allowing for fast and reliable integration of new mergers and acquisitions
Applexus InSITE

Help your finance team perform the best whether they work from home or office

Real-time AP auditing has the most direct impact on the finance, treasury, and compliance parts of the organization. Complex spend policies are much easier to enforce when all transactions are automatically reviewed compared to manual spot-checking.

InSITE offers intuitive UI and multi-device accessibility for business users to streamline the workflow effortlessly. Users can get started with InSITE with minimal training and access InSITE from any location, be it office, home, or on the go.

accounts payable solution

Why should you partner with Applexus?

Our expertise comes from the long-standing experience in implementing value-added SAP solutions and products for some of the largest organizations across the globe. Our vision of enabling innovation through custom-built products on top of SAP technology landscape enable us to deliver our customers the right business transformation opportunity with agility and quality. Our time-tested approach eliminates additional overhead engagement costs and help us to build a long-lasting rapport with the customers.

Our strategic position in sales & delivery also provides customers with regional contact points at any level of our interaction, making the engagement with us seamless and secure. With our remarkable and influential Thought Leadership ecosystem, Applexus offers businesses the expert advice on "getting the SAP software solutions right the first time."

Applexus InSITE

Get the Total Business Impact of Applexus InSITE

Applexus InSITE helped a leading US-based grocery chain to transform their vendor invoice payment process. InSITE enabled the grocer to achieve higher efficiency and accuracy across their accounts payable cycle with end-to-end visibility. To know more on how InSITE dramatically reduced their time and effort spent on invoice processing and operational cost, download the free case study below

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Applexus creates transformational solutions for the world's most influential companies:

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Elizabeth Fratantuono

Elizabeth Fratantuono

Principal Product Consultant

Alan Young

Alan Young

Vice President and General Manager

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