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Applexus Insite

Applexus Intelligent Supplier Invoice Transformation & Enablement

SAP Vendor Invoice Management Solution

InSITE is a next-generation Vendor Invoice Management solution. InSITE offers a holistic invoice management platform that enables the Accounts Payable teams to leverage AI-driven automation, seamless collaboration, advanced analytics, and compliance support to streamline their processes, close the gaps, and influence the bottom line.

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Why Applexus InSITE for Invoice Automation

The future of Accounts Payable is about more transparency, greater visibility, and managing an eco-system that participates in the invoice journey. You need a holistic AI-driven vendor invoice management solution that transcends beyond just being an invoice automation solution for the individual tasks in your AP. InSITE, as one of the best vendor invoice management solutions, supports and streamlines your AP for more productivity, highest transparency, fewest errors, and top-tier savings. Seamlessly integrating with your SAP landscape (SAP ECC or S/4), our SAP invoice management solution and implementation methodologies aim to unlock maximum value from your AP processes.

InSITE Achieves The Coveted “Spotlight Status” On SAP Store

Optimize your invoice flow through InSITE


During the invoice journey, from intake to payment, besides the Accounts Payable team, suppliers, procurement team, and material store managers also get involved. Streamlined integration of activities across the invoice journey ensures optimized processing time, greater transparency, and visibility. End-to-end invoice processing needs an ecosystem with activities that mesh seamlessly for a smooth invoice processing experience. Explore the invoice flow through InSITE, one of the leading vendor invoice management solutions in the market, to realize how invoices get processed through a centralized, single platform, from receiving an invoice to posting.

SAP Ariba integrates Architecture

InSITE now seamlessly integrates with SAP Ariba

Applexus' vendor invoice management solution, InSITE, has been enhanced to seamlessly integrate with SAP Ariba for efficient handling of invoices from out-of-network vendors. The integration is achieved effortlessly through APIs, allowing smooth communication of invoice information between InSITE and SAP Ariba.

Through the integration, InSITE can automatically pull invoices from Ariba, carry out the invoice processing that includes scanning the invoice, enriching the invoice data with master data, business rules validation and clearance, automating the approval workflows, posting in SAP and finally updating the status in Ariba. Invoice payment status can also be updated to Ariba. Invoices can also be created in InSITE and then pushed to Ariba.

What separates us from the crowd

Single Platform

Single, Centralized Platform for all your AP needs

A centralized vendor invoice management platform to intake, compile and process all types of invoices from different sources. The Accounts Payable team manages every action from Business Rules Validation to rich analytics about an invoice through a single, centralized, and personalized interface.

Additional Capabilities

Additional Supporting Capabilities to support your AP team

AP team interacts internally and communicates with several other actors in the vendor invoice management system. InSITE empowers your Accounts Payable (AP) team with an in-built supplier self-service portal and automated inbound supply chain activities.

Touchless Processing

Touchless Processing with AI-driven automation

Straight-through processing comes alive with InSITE to make your invoice cycle faster and more efficient. AI-driven data extraction capabilities reduce the need for data entry, and over time, a trained system ensures a fully automated workflow to result in a truly automated invoice processing system.


Value Assurance throughout the Product Life cycle

Applexus ensures that your vendor invoice management system can recognize incremental value additions through InSITE’s implementation. Our team ensures that InSITE captures desired value and sustains the value while adding more in the post-implementation phase.

whitepaper_Value Map

Learn How to Identify Incremental Value Addition Opportunities for AP Process

Unlock more value from your Accounts Payable by integrating key capabilities that improve your operational efficiency and elevate your financial metrics to result in high returns and maximum value. Read how a Value Assurance Framework (VAF) helps identify value-addition opportunities and helps initiate other improvements within your AP to capture the expected value. In essence, identify an exhaustive list of opportunities where process improvements can add enormous value to your vendor invoice management system.

Webinar: Transform your AP process with AI-powered vendor invoice management

AP process with AI-powered vendor invoice management
Maha Feghali-Vartanians
Maha Feghali-Vartanians
Executive Advisory & Architecture. Office of Innovation,
SAP America
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
VP- Business Consulting & Value Realization,
Applexus Technologies
Richard Pascoe
Richard Pascoe
VP-Consulting Services,
Applexus Technologies

How we can help?


Supplier Self-service Portal

Supplier Self-service Portal

Explore how onboarding suppliers to a centralized interface like a collaboration portal makes it easier to manage every invoice-related activity with ease.

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AI-driven Automation

AI-driven invoice automation solution

See how Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automation with self-learning ability enhances the accuracy of Accounts Payable functions over time.

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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Read how real-time Analytics and reporting in your AP solution can help to view the health of your working capital and provide deep insights into your spending.

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Manage your audits and compliance better with detailed activity log saving you from unnecessary fines, delays, and audit efforts.

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Vendor Invoice Management

Vendor Invoice Management solution - Delivering more than just automation

Applexus helped a leading Fashion brand manage their invoices better. Read how integrating InSITE offered a single platform to process all invoices, eliminate non-value adding activities from their invoice processing cycle, and helped automate additional transactions. In essence, they could store and retrieve documents faster, simplify auditing, streamline cash flow, make the processes more time-efficient, eliminate errors, and so much more to optimize their AP processes.

Powerful features within InSITE – Vendor Invoice Management Solution


Multiple intake channels

InSITE, a powerful vendor invoice management system, streamlines invoice intake from different channels and centralizes it to simplify invoice acceptance. Instead of relying on an AP team member to manually source, compile, and process invoices from different channels and in various formats, InSITE lets you accept invoices straight into the system without any manual intervention. The entire process saves time and streamlines the way invoices are channeled into the AP.

  • Connect the various disparate invoice sources into one
  • Automate intake of invoices from multiple sources
  • Accept invoices from different interfaces Email, EDI, iDOC, and external portal
  • Accept invoices from Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP)

Applexus Intelligent Data Extraction and Recognition (AIDER)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in InSITE recognizes and converts unstructured metadata from the invoices into standard and structured formats and auto-populates the data into the respective fields for the AP indexer. The process relieves the AP team of manual work, saves time, and reduces errors. This allows you to process more invoices as the company scales and the volume of invoices grows.

  • AI-driven data extraction - no manual data entry
  • Annotation to capture incorrect or missing invoice details in the correct field
  • Machine Learning helps increase efficiency /accuracy with usage for future invoices
  • Deploy on-premise or cloud

Automated Routing

Automatic routing of invoices to AP staff ensures that the correct invoice reaches the personalized cockpit of the designated resource in the AP without the need to intervene and forward the invoice manually. Invoice from a said supplier, above a certain amount, or as per any other condition laid can be redirected to the exact person responsible. In essence, the entire routing mechanism can be configured as per your company policies.

  • Automated assignment of General Ledger (GL) Code
  • Cost center splitting and Automated assignment of Cost Center
  • Automated assignment of Approval workflow
  • Automatic bulk posting of the invoices

Fraud Prevention

Suppliers committing frauds through overbilling / double billing or an internal employee scamming the AP by submitting false invoices will no longer be an issue. The robust and stringent inbuilt rules and fraud detection algorithms running on the backend ensure AP never again drains its working capital or commits to any fraudulent payments accidentally. Powerful fraud protection procedures ensure AP steers clear of incurring any unnecessary financial losses.

  • Duplicate check to verify the authenticity of unique invoices
  • 2-way matching for non-PO-based invoices and 3-way matching for PO-based invoices
  • Line item determination logic to validate every ordered item in the invoice
  • Validating data with the master data in the SAP backend (bank details, etc.)

Automated Validation

The overall behavior of your Accounts Payable (AP) and the actions that follow can be personalized to suit the rules of your ecosystem. A controlled and automated exception handling mechanism with a powerful exception management workbench ensures any invoice with issues that don’t conform to the pre-existing policies gets processed exactly as your AP would want. Set special rules to dictate the following action after the AP team receives an invoice from the vendor.

  • Configurable business rules as per company policies
  • Activate/deactivate business rules
  • Pre-configured 50+ business rules for PO and Non-PO invoices
  • Tolerance levels for triggering business rules

Workflow management

InSITE helps you build a reliable approval workflow, remove any bottlenecks, and minimize delays, making it easy to raise and assign invoices to the concerned member in the AP and get the invoice from intake to payment faster. In addition to this, you don't need to follow up with an approver. Get the in-build automation to route the invoice to the next authorized person in the AP team in anyone's absence. This system automatically notifies and sends an email to the next concerned person.

  • Customized approval workflow as per Chart of Authority (COA)
  • Substitution management to transfer responsibilities– helps stay nimble and responsive
  • Multi-level and parallel approval of invoices
  • Bulk approval of invoices

Analytics and Reporting

Quantify, visualize, and comprehend the overall health of your AP in stunning detail. The user-friendly, intuitive, and informative dashboard reveals how your AP is faring with respect to suppliers, discounts, late payments and other variables. Study the information to take informed and data-driven decisions about your Accounts Payable, which goes on to elevate the performance of your AP, maximizes savings, and increases the overall value.

  • Identify, diagnose, and take appropriate actions on different metrics and KPIs
  • Customized and drilled-down reporting capabilities
  • Rich and Powerful Analytics Dashboard
  • Summary view dashboard to review spend analysis
  • Co-innovation of reports

Supplier self-service portal

Manage, coordinate, and serve your suppliers better to elevate your relationship with them. Supplier self-service Portal is common workbench that frees up time of your AP team to chase suppliers or suppliers chasing AP clerks for updates on invoices. A common portal keeps communication lines open, gives full transparency, and absolute control to manage every aspect of invoices from a centralized platform. Dependency on a single platform makes the whole operation more seamless and time-efficient.

  • Onboard suppliers to make it easier for them to coordinate on an invoice
  • Suppliers can view, request modification, receive updates, and accept Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Suppliers can view, upload, manage all the invoices, and attach additional documents
  • Supplies can track status and payment information of all the invoices
  • Suppliers can create and update shipping notification

Spend management

Automatically monitor and give enough advantage and flexibility to your AP to take corrective actions on the overall spend in your AP. The algorithm within InSITE allows room for automatic detection of suppliers that offer better discounts at a given moment. Give preference to vendor’s invoice where the discount rate makes more sense for your business’s cash flow and working capital. Ultimately, pick invoices that help to manage your cash flow better and offer higher returns.

  • Track late fee payment and other associated fees
  • Automatically capture early pay discounts
  • Ability to implement dynamic discounting
  • Check supplier performance

Client Testimonials

Applexus creates transformational solutions for the world's most influential companies:

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Anil Nair

Senior Vice President - Product Strategy & Practice
Anil Nair
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Ramakrishna Yadavalli

Principal Consultant & Product Architect - Director, Applexus Labs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor invoice management solutions, like InSITE, use AI and OCR technologies to extract data from invoices. Additionally, they help in data enrichment, data validation and seamlessly process the invoices. These solutions offer a streamlined workflow for invoice approval, detect duplicates and fraudulent ones, and facilitate collaboration with both vendors and within the company. They provide intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports for enhanced visibility, valuable insights and receive support for audit and compliance endeavors.

The benefits of using an AI-enabled invoice automation software include faster invoice processing, increased efficiency and accuracy, cost savings, enhanced visibility, elimination of duplicate and fraudulent invoices, streamlined communication, and robust analytics for compliance and audit purposes.

Look for solutions that offer essential features such as AI-driven data extraction, automated validation, workflow customization, vendor collaboration tools, reporting and analytics capabilities, and compliance functionalities. Applexus InSITE is one such holistic invoice management platform that enables the Accounts Payable teams to leverage AI-driven automation, seamless collaboration, advanced analytics, and compliance support to streamline their processes, close the gaps, and influence the bottom line.

Vendor invoice management (VIM) software like InSITE offer an additional functionality: the Supplier Self-Service Portal. Through this portal, suppliers can directly collaborate with purchasers. They can upload, modify, and review invoices, check the status of their invoices, view purchase orders, and chat directly with the purchasers.

Vendor invoice management systems assisted with AI capabilities can validate invoices against master data and previously processed invoice data. They can detect irregularities and inconsistencies during invoice processing, reducing the risk of fraudulent invoices slipping through. The solution can validate invoices based on various parameters, including invoice number, date, and amount. This helps prevent accidental duplicate payments by flagging duplicate invoices for review before processing.

A Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) system supports compliance and audit requirements by enforcing standardized processes, maintaining comprehensive audit trails, and offering real-time visibility into invoice processing. It ensures adherence to regulatory standards through automated validation checks, role-based access controls, and document retention policies. Additionally, VIM solutions generate detailed reports and analytics to facilitate audit readiness.

InSITE is an SAP vendor invoice management software that provides a comprehensive solution within SAP. It seamlessly integrates into your existing SAP environment and is a certified SAP Add-on product compatible with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems. The benefits of adopting an SAP-embedded solution include:

  • Minimal system complexity, as it utilizes the same servers and security settings as your SAP environment.
  • Seamless integration with various SAP applications such as SAP FICO, SAP MM, and Archive link.
  • Elimination of redundant processing capabilities, with intelligent automation leveraging standard SAP workflows and functionality.
  • Real-time access to both master and transactional data within your SAP system.

The vendor invoice management system facilitates the creation of customizable approval workflows based on predefined rules and criteria. These workflows route invoices to the appropriate stakeholders for review and approval based on factors such as invoice amount, vendor, and department. This makes the invoice approval process quicker and more efficient. By sending notifications and reminders automatically, it streamlines the process. Many invoice automation solutions, like InSITE, offer mobile accessibility, allowing approvers to review and approve invoices on-the-go, enhancing efficiency and expediting the approval process.

The vendor invoice management solution automatically compares invoice data against predefined criteria, such as purchase orders, goods receipts, and master data. Any discrepancies or inconsistencies trigger alerts for further review. InSITE offers over 100 predefined business rules that can be customized according to your organization's needs.

To calculate your cost savings, Applexus has developed an Accounts Payable Automation ROI Calculator. Utilize this tool to uncover the potential cost savings for your business by implementing accounts payable automation. Our calculator considers multiple factors, such as reduced processing time, decreased errors, and improved resource utilization, to reveal the actual impact on your bottom line.

  • Next-Generation Product: InSITE utilizes supervised and unsupervised AI/ML techniques and was designed with a UX-first approach. It combines the strengths of both SAP and non-SAP technology platforms (such as Fiori, Angular, Node, Python). InSITE is an SAP-certified add-on product that leverages advanced SAP architecture, seamlessly integrating with SAP S/4HANA.
  • Cross-Industry Expertise: Our AP (Accounts Payable) automation solution benefits from our extensive experience across various industries, ensuring smooth integration and customized functionality to address the unique requirements of each industry.
  • Co-Innovation Centre of Excellence: With Applexus, you will collaborate directly with our senior leadership and product development teams. We are committed to understanding how InSITE can best fit into your landscape. We actively engage in co-innovation for future product releases, customizing them to suit your organization's specific needs. Any features tailored to your requirements are promptly developed and integrated.

Setting up and configuring InSITE is straightforward. Our implementation team is ready to oversee and lead the entire set-up process, ensuring smooth execution. We recognize the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business operations, so we aim to make the onboarding process as efficient as possible. The standard base product implementation of Applexus InSITE typically takes no longer than 4-6 weeks (about 1 and a half months).

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