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InSITE__Accounts Payable Workflow Management

Applexus Intelligent Supplier Invoice Transformation & Enablement

Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

Offers streamlined process flows using intelligent data extraction with automated exception handling and approval workflows for processing vendor invoices. Built on SAP platform with easy deployment & easy maintenance.

Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

Receive Invoices Effortlessly from any Channel

Effortless Invoice Import
SAP Vendor Invoice Import

Intake different types of invoices from any channel

Upload Vendor Invoice

Suppliers can also upload invoices through the InSITE’s built in supplier self-service portal

The AP team can receive invoices through different sources such as Email, Scanned copies, EDIs, iDOC, Supplier Self Service Portal, Procurement Platforms etc. InSITE’s built-in supplier self-service portal allows suppliers to upload invoices and track their progress on a single platform.

The Accounts Payable (AP) staff manage their daily activities through personalized interfaces where the invoices are automatically routed. Your AP team can manage the entire journey of an invoice through InSITE as a single, centralized platform.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Intelligent Data Extraction
Scanning Invoices

Invoices are scanned and the data is transferred into the system

Automate Invoice Data Extraction

Invoice details are automatically extracted and pre-populated, both the header and line level. No need to key in invoice data.

Improve Your Invoice Processing

Layers of ML and managed services improve the performance of future invoices.

Invoice Override Changes

After manual review, InSITE recognizes your override changes and applies that logic to future invoices

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology works with the Applexus Intelligence Data Extraction and Recognition (AIDER) engine to extract data from the invoice without manual intervention. Layers of ML help acquire very high accuracy as the system gets fed with more invoices during the usage years.

Suppose the data isn't extracted while processing a new invoice template; in that case, the AP team can intuitively capture the details into the system by simply pointing out the area where the data resides. This feature eliminates manual errors at the data entry stage and helps the system learn the layout, and ensure better accuracy in future invoices of similar layouts.

Fraud Prevention

Preventing Invoice Fraud

Potential duplicate and fraudulent invoices are detected and flagged in this stage. The system follows 2-way matching (GR and Invoice) for all non-PO-based invoices and 3-way matching (PO, GR, and Invoice) for all PO-based invoices to establish whether an invoice ties with the information stored.

InSITE can execute line-item wise checks with the information already available within SAP to flag any mismatch. This helps the AP team eliminate fraud or errors that happen due to human negligence while processing an invoice. The tedious task of matching every element of the invoice with the information available in the system is automated through InSITE.

2-way and 3-Way Matching Process in Accounts Payable

2-way and 3-way matching for ensuring the validity of the invoices received

Invoice Processing Workflow

Automated line-item determination logic to validate each line item with the information already available within SAP

Automated Duplicate Invoice Checks

Automated duplicate checks to eliminate processing of same invoice multiple times

2-way and-3-way Invoicing Workflow

3 way and 2 way matching to validate invoices

Business Rules Validation

Invoice Approval Workflow

Over 50+ pre-configured business rules are available with InSITE to determine the flow and nature of your AP processing after receiving an invoice from a vendor. Configuring powerful business rules that let you detect the behavior and workflow of your AP processes. The business rules can be activated or deactivated and customized as per the requirement of the company policies. Additionally, exceptions are flagged separately, helping the AP team figure out the source of exceptions with ease. Depending on the significance of the exceptions, AP team members are provided with options that allow them to collaborate internally within the organization or externally with the suppliers.

Accounts Payable Workflow

50+ Pre-configured business rules available within InSITE

AP Automation Workflow

Business rules can be customized, added and removed as per company policies

Invoice Workflow Automation

AP team admins can activate or deactivate business rules as per their need at the time

AP Workflow

Exception handling workbench simplifies management of any exceptions that arises during processing an invoice

Efficient Multi-Tier Approvals

Invoice Multi Level Approval

You can have multiple approvers in the invoice cycle based on the organizational capacity. For an Enterprise that engages multiple approvers, chasing down every approver can be time-consuming – InSITE automates the approval workflow and presents approvers with a personalized cockpit where invoices get automatically routed for them to approve.

All payments are made as per the scheduled due date on the invoice. AP executives can also log in to execute final approval post initial clearance. The AP team also has the flexibility to put on hold or separate specific invoices from payment batches for paying them later. Approvers can also manage their activities on the go from any device.

Invoice Approval Workflow

Unlimited invoice approvers and configurable workflows through the AP Hub to strengthen internal controls

Improve Invoice Processing Efficiency

Save time and improve efficiency with touchless straight-through processing on the go from any device

AP Automation Workflow Process

Approvers receive documents requiring their attention automatically in their personalized cockpit as per the Chart of Authority

Accounts Payable Workflow Best Practices

Minimize delays in obtaining approvals through automated alerts and notifications

Seamless Supplier Collaboration

Supplier Collaboration Portal

Requests from suppliers about payment status can become annoying after a while. Additionally, coordinating with suppliers through multiple channels, such as email, phone, instant messenger tools, and other channels, can be time-killing and diminish your productivity levels. Suppliers will not receive notifications and alerts for any action performed on an invoice and cleared payments.

InSITE’s supplier self-service portal lets you communicate and collaborate with suppliers with ease. The Supplier Collaboration Portal serves as a common collaboration workbench, where both suppliers can upload invoices, check the status of invoices, and view updates on PO. Suppliers can also directly chat with the AP team through a user-friendly interface.

Vendor Collaboration Invoice Workflow

Automated communications mean suppliers are informed throughout every step of the invoice and payment process.

Invoice Workflow Automation

Status notifications via email and online self-service access to invoice and payment history cuts time wasted on inquiries and resolution.

Analytics and Reporting

Accounts Payable Reports and Analytics

All the documents, their changes, and the concerned person who made these changes are recorded in a detailed audit trail. InSITE can save the documents that don’t need immediate attention in a separate DMS, which can be leveraged during an audit. This allows AP teams to pull out data and additional documents on any invoice in the future. These features help to stay compliant-proof and avoid penalties and statutory costs arising from lost or misplaced documents.

InSITE also offers a plethora of reports and dashboards to provide the AP team with a unified view of spend analytics. Organizations have the option to co-innovate reports of their choices within InSITE to avoid recording data and analysis in Excel or hard copies.

SAP Vendor Invoice Report

Audit trails maintain a deep history of user and supplier activity

SAP Vendor Invoice Management Analytics

No need for your finance team to maintain hard copies or spreadsheets

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