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The Applexus Strategy to Digital Transformation

The Applexus Strategy to Digital Transformation​

Our unique Runway Approach and RunningStart methodology​

RunWay Approach & RunningStart Methodology​

The Applexus strategy to digital transformation has 2 components that support each other - RunWay approach and the RunningStart methodology.

The RunWay approach helps create an easily consumable roadmap for the digital transformation journey. It is a tailored progressive transformation with continuous delivery that provides value at each step of your SAP digital journey. RunningStart is an agile fit-to-standard approach that leverages pre-built industry focused solutions, data migration tools, testing accelerators to provide an SAP implementation that is faster, lower risk and lower cost while delivering business value.

Core principles of the Applexus approach


Digital Business Transformation

Speed to value

Improve ROI by delivering value continuously

Digital Transformation Services

Smart Processes

Intelligent processes eliminating manual intervention

Digital Transformation Solutions

Insights to Impact

Embedded analytics enabling smarter decisions​

Digital Transformation Consulting

UX First

Fit-to-Business overcomes UX pain points

Agile Digital Transformation


Smaller, easily consumed projects reduce risk

Value Based Building Blocks of our RunWay Approach

Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Get Started


Get Started

  • Build Business Case
  • Process Discovery
  • Code and Data Rationalization
  • Organization Structure Optimization
  • Possibly a Technical Upgrade
Digital Transformation Firm

Build Baseline


Build Baseline

  • Initial S/4 Migration if not done already
  • Improved User Experience
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Processes that enable specific value
Digital Transformation Process

Process improvement


Process improvement

  • Modernizing more legacy applications
  • Expanded Process Automation
  • More Analytics with KPIs
  • Multiple projects each delivering value
RunWay Approach




  • Continuous innovation platform
  • Focus value on Competitive Advantage

Core Strategies to Get Started and Build baseline

Based on the complexity of your current landscape, your risk tolerance and your ability to consume change, our RunWay approach helps you choose from one of our core strategies to get started & build a baseline.

  • FreshStart (Simplify then modernize) – Build new solution without the baggage of legacy system
  • CleanStart (Optimize then modernize) – Optimize the existing system first followed by technical upgrade
  • JumpStart (Upgrade then modernize) – Technical upgrade to new solution followed by process optimization
Digital Transformation Strategy

A Superior Approach to Modernization- Applexus RunningStart

Applexus RunningStart is an agile methodology that that leverages our pre-built industry focused solutions, data migration tools and testing accelerators to provide an SAP S/4 implementation that is faster, lower risk and lower cost while delivering business value. It is built on a strong set of collateral that helps accelerate every aspect of an S/4 implementation with the focus consistently on delivering value and improved usability.

Applexus RunningStart

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Norb Brumbergs

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“The Applexus strategy for Digital Transformation has two components that work together. Our RunWay approach evaluates your current landscape complexity along with your risk tolerance and ability to consume change. Based on this input we select one of 3 guiding paths for your SAP S/4 Roadmap resulting in a progressive transformation tailored to your needs. Our RunningStart methodology along with our included IP, innovations and collateral will ensure each project will run fast with lower risk and lower cost to deliver business value.”

Norb Brumbergs

Norb Brumbergs

Senior Vice President - SAP Delivery

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