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Data Platform Modernization Services


Updating data platforms is vital for your business. Especially, if it’s a legacy system. They are challenging with their limited flexibility and high costs. But by moving to hyperscaler platforms like AWS or Azure, your business gets - agility, scalability, and innovation. These platforms make it easier to adapt to changes quickly, handle more data, and stay ahead of the curve with new technologies.

Our Modernization Approach



Migrate/Modernize existing application into Hyperscalar platform using SAP & Hyperscalar technologies with minimal modifications to prevailing data strutures/models, solution & data processing Methodologies.


Migrate/Modernize existing application into Hyperscalar platform using SAP & Hyperscalar technologies with optimal modifications to data strutures/models, solution & data processing suited for hyperscalar environment.


Comprehensive and transformative strategy where organizations not only migrate their existing applications but also fundamentally rethink and reshape their business processes, operations, and technology stack to fully capitalize on the opportunities offered by cloud computing.

Applexus Accelerators


Access advanced data capabilities and agility using our comprehensive platform solution, structured for strategic alignment and future adaptability.


Ingestion Framework

  • Configurations/ Metadata​
  • Read & Build Schema​
  • Auditing, Logging​
  • Business logic & transformations

BW Metadata Accelerator

  • Metadata Extraction​
  • Graph UI ​
  • Object Listing​
  • Usage Assessment

Strategy Accelerator​

  • Questionnaire​
  • Feature List​
  • Architecture best practices​
  • Design Best Practices​
  • Usage, Object Assessment​
  • Knowledge Hub

Applexus Advantage

  • Pre-Built Accelerators​
  • Multiple Datasphere/BW Bridge/SAC Deployments
  • Delivers Speed to Value with Datasphere
  • Collaboration with Existing Datasphere Customers for Lessons Learned​

Methodology: Factory Model


Factory Model - BW Modernization Methodology graph

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