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Stop Working, Start flowing with SAP SAC Workflow Management: Input Task

Published on 22 June 2023
SAP SAC Workflow Management
Monica Elamparithi
Monica Elamparithi
Senior Consultant - Data & Analytics

Monica Elamparithi is a highly experienced Senior Consultant with years of expertise in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). She excels in requirement gathering, analysis, deployment, implementation, and project support, and possesses a strong ability to identify process gaps, redesign workflows, and convert business challenges into novel solutions. Monica's skillset includes creating Interactive dashboards and storyboards, besides being well-versed in ETL methodology, data modeling, dataset preparation, and developing technical design documents.

In SAP SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud), the input task feature allows users to enter data directly into a story to obtain feedback, value changes, or other additional information from colleagues. It enables interactive data entry & collaboration and can be assigned to one or more colleagues, who can use it for planning, budgeting, forecasting, or updating data. With an input task, multiple users can input data values directly into charts or other visualizations in a private version without disturbing the actual value. Input tasks provide flexibility and interactivity, allowing the responsible users to complete tasks within the application itself, which can then be reviewed and/or published by the owner of the input task.

Read the detailed blog post to know more and learn how to configure an Input Task

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