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SAP Cloud Support Services

SAP Cloud Computing Solution and Services


With numerous cloud computing delivery models to choose from, businesses are struggling to settle on the best option that addresses their existing challenges with their on-premise systems. At Applexus, we help you judge the benefits of different cloud deployment options, select the best course of action and realize its benefits in the long run. Whether you have a lean IT staff and need to build a cloud infrastructure that promotes the growth of your business or have an on-premise infrastructure that you are not getting the value from, our team of advisors can help chart your path.

Our holistic cloud approach helps in scaling up to the evolving business needs and solving issues that cloud deployments may bring along. This ensures a smooth and seamless cloud infrastructure with reduced downtime and operational costs.

Challenges while Migrating to the Cloud

Challenges Faced by Enterprises
While Migrating to AWS & AZURE Cloud

  • Choice of platform for migration
  • Application compatibility
  • Service interruption while migrating existing dependencie
  • Connecting legacy applications with the cloud environment
  • Replicating your security posture in the cloud environment
  • Migration of larger volumes of data and integration of existing process flows
Why Applexus

Why Applexus for AWS & Azure Cloud Migration?

  • We have more than a decade of experience in transforming infrastructure and migrating numerous SAP and non-SAP applications successfully to Azure, AWS and Google cloud
  • We partner with leading cloud service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google to build and host innovative cloud solutions.
  • Applexus is the go-to-partner for SAP with a long history of co-innovating solutions and strong focus on measurable business outcome
  • Applexus offers fast-track cloud deployments with access to best practices, tools and subject matter experts to ensure a seamless cloud migration
  • Our cloud migration team consists of certified professionals and cross-domain experts with demonstrable experience in migrating and deploying cloud solutions

Our SAP Cloud Key Differentiators

Reduces total cost by 50%
Reduces total cost by 50%

as compared to traditional on-premise implementations

Rapid cloud deployment strategy
Rapid cloud deployment strategy

to reduce development time by 50-75%.

99.99% uptime guarantee
99.99% uptime guarantee

for your cloud applications.

Dedicated cloud support team
Dedicated cloud support team

to watch over your cloud infrastructure 24/7.

SAP Cloud Methodology for Business Benefits

Applexus helps enterprises solve their toughest business challenges, backed by 15-year track record of transformative customer outcomes

  • Understand current infrastructure
  • Prepare application inter-dependencies
  • Calculate current utilization
  • Prepare business case
  • Measure Workloads
  • Compare TCO
  • Application prioritization
  • Complexity & Risk Evaluation Prototype
  • Strategy & Sizing
  • Project plan & Blueprint landscape
  • Security
  • Define fallback plan
  • Account & Subscriptions
  • Installation
  • Application & Data migration
  • UAT
  • Integration test
  • Monitor
  • Production migration
  • Smoke test
  • Go-live
  • Autoscale
  • Self heal
  • Replatform

Our SAP Cloud Services


Applexus helps businesses to assess their current infrastructure, provide a comprehensive roadmap to a successful cloud migration and choose the right platform that is aligned to their business goals. We help organization to craft a well-implemented cloud strategy that helps them tide over migration challenges, bringing bona fide benefits of cloud computing.

With our Cloud Assessment Service, we enable businesses to remove the vagueness cloud migrations can bring, speed up cloud migration and empowers them to kick start their cloud journey with confidence. We intend to provide guidance and employ best practices in building a comprehensive cloud first approach across your organization, especially around your SAP landscape.

We help you choose the right cloud platform including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure, to deliver the cloud transformation results quickly.

Our Assessment service covers:

  • Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment, Adoption Strategy and Advisory
  • Data Center Consolidation and Migration
  • Enterprise Application Portfolio Assessment
  • End-state architecture, business case and cloud migration envisioning & road map
Value & Impact Assessment

With our Proof-of-Concept Service, we provide customers with a demonstration of the original solution to get started on the cloud without a long-term commitment. It provides an estimate of the potential cost of the cloud resources.

Applexus brings to the table the capabilities of the cloud platforms through quick prototypes, which eliminate lack of clarity and impart accuracy in interpretation of cloud infrastructure requirements and functionalities.

Our Proof-of-Concept Service offers test migration or installation of any SAP environment on Public(AWS/GCP/Azure), Private or Hybrid Cloud environment for applications including:

  • SAP Business Suite
  • S/4HANA-based applications like ERP/ECC
  • SAP Process Integration
  • Solution Manager
  • Business Objects
  • Customer Activity Repository (CAR)
Value & Impact Assessment

As an SAP Partner, Applexus can help you in accelerating your digital transformation journey by seamlessly migrating your IT environments such as development, quality and production to the cloud and reducing development time by 50-75%. We help you in choosing the appropriate cloud support service for your on-premise SAP application environment, which supports a different OS or a new hardware or database. At Applexus, we provide top-notch and scalable solutions with our cloud services, framework and platforms. Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your systems end-to-end and plot a road map to make a seamless homogenous or heterogenous migration to Cloud. With the large portfolio of SAP-certified offerings and new benefits in cloud, we can help you drastically reduce the cost of migration and get the complete SAP environment up and running on the cloud platform in a few hours.

We specialize in migration of the following SAP Software to AWS:

  • ERP/ECC migration to S/4HANA
  • ERP/ECC migration to HANA
  • BW migration to HANA
  • BusinessObjects BI environment


We keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure enabling an always-on environment to ensure your applications and virtual machines are up and running 24/7 and prevent catastrophic outages. Our dedicated onsite, offshore and remote management team helps to keep incidents at bay and prevents co-tenants from interfering with the performance of your cloud environment. We use both manual and automated tools to monitor and manage the operational workflow and performance of applications, database and websites hosted on a cloud infrastructure. With our management service, we help organizations in resource administration, disaster management, cloud auditing and performance monitoring to assess the efficiency of cloud service provider and ensure uninterrupted computing in the cloud.

Our deep industry expertise, technical know-how and constant enhancement of service quality enable organizations to focus on building their business while we take care of your cloud environment.

We manage and operate SAP environments on leading Cloud platforms. Our cloud management service covers the following key tasks:

  • Cloud service account and resource administration
  • Cloud services and SAP monitoring
  • Backup and recovery services
  • SAP BASIS /NetWeaver administration
  • SAP patching and upgrades
  • Deployment of new SAP environments or systems
  • Effective collaboration with different cloud service vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Audit service performance different vendors


With our Application Development Service, we help businesses capitalize on the tools, building blocks and infrastructure of leading platform-as-a-service cloud providers for building reliable cloud applications. We develop resilient enterprise-class cloud native applications harnessing various cloud platform services including AWS, GCP and Azure. Applexus helps in migrating legacy application on the cloud to make them run reliably on a modern platform. We meet SLA when it comes to performance and security while ensuring 99.99% uptime guarantee for your cloud applications.

Our Cloud Application Development services are designed to give clients maximum control over software development, enabling them to choose services and tools of public cloud vendors and providing them a custom cloud solution that suits their line of business. This way, we build cloud applications that evolve with the growth of your business.

We specialize in:

  • Development of microservices-based modular applications that integrate with other services and APIs
  • Integration with existing on-premise systems and applications
  • Inter-cloud, and multi-cloud platform development solutions

SAP Cloud Deployment Solutions

With over a decade of experience in developing and customizing enterprise solutions across verticals, Applexus helps businesses choose from a full range of Cloud Solutions across cloud infrastructures – public, private and hybrid.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public cloud adoption is growing and replacing traditional IP spend. We help perform evaluation and construct data-based business case for potential use of public cloud and help you migrate your existing assets to public cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud Services is delivered on Applexus’ managed cloud platform, which harnesses market-leading cloud platforms for global computing, storage, networking, analytics, and running applications to move at the pace of innovation, lower IT costs and scale applications according to customer demands. We provide a simple cloud adoption framework that is based on a pay-as-you go model, helping organizations to move to the cloud without any upfront cost.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Managing more than one cloud environment can be complex, causing redundancy and giving lesser control over data security. With our hybrid cloud service, we enable organizations to choose from a range of deployment options and orchestrate private and public cloud services for improving flexibility and security. The hybrid approach allows applications and components to interoperate across boundaries (cloud versus on‐premises), between cloud instances, and even between architectures (traditional versus modern digital).


Walter Liang

Walter Liang

Principal Technical Architect

Applexus' SAP Cloud Service provides our customers an excellent technical path to cloud as their way to computing. Companies can thereby focus more on their main business and not where they do their computing.”

Walter Liang

Walter Liang

SAP Principal Technical Architect
Applexus Technologies

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