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InSITE__Unique Value Propositions of InSITE

Unique Value Propositions of InSITE

An industry-leading, robust, reliable, and trustworthy AI-driven vendor invoice management solution made up of powerful, advantageous, and distinctive capabilities that helps it to stay miles ahead of anything else in the market. Use InSITE to accelerate your AP processes, optimize its performance, collaborate seamlessly, acquire real-time data via rich analytics, and save a ton of time & money. The best in the game to streamline and tighten your AP!

Unique Value Propositions of InSITE

Don’t you wish your Accounts Payable (AP) vendor invoice management solution included more sophisticated and cutting-edge options or a broader feature set with a network of possibilities? Well, InSITE offers just that making it the most comprehensive AP solution. Here’s everything that separates InSITE from all the generic AP programs:

A Cohesive and Centralized Platform to tie and consolidate every facet of your AP into one

Cohesive and Centralized Platform

InSITE seamlessly integrates with SAP S/4HANA & SAP ECC with easy deployment and affordable maintenance costs. The invoice management solution is fully embedded into SAP and comes with a simple & intuitive User Interface (UI).

There is no need to switch screens or jump onto other platforms to perform multiple functions. A single consolidated control panel lets you accomplish every Accounts Payable (AP) task, from automatically routing invoices to your personalized cockpit to getting rich analytics and reporting after processing them. With InSITE as your vendor invoice management solution, you can effortlessly modernize, centralize, and consolidate manual processes.

  • Receive all invoices from multiple channels
  • Process all your invoices from one holistic platform
  • Access multiple workflow action items from a single screen
  • Monitor and track invoice journey through Audit Trail, reports, and analytics
  • Integrated Supplier Self-Service portal to collaborate with suppliers

Authoritative and masterful set of In-built Capabilities for a sleek and smooth AP ecosystem

Authoritative and masterful set of In-built Capabilities

What would have been a tedious and overwhelming process gets simplified with the help of powerful additional in-built capabilities in our vendor invoice management solution. These additional capabilities make the AP process more seamless, transparent, swift, and cost-effective.

InSITE offers a built-in supplier self-service portal and other automation options for inbound supply chain activities that integrate seamlessly with your SAP landscape. InSITE empowers your AP team to do more with less- through a single application.

  • Seamless supplier onboarding and self-service capabilities with a common collaboration workbench to chat, view, and review PO or invoices
  • Mitigate risks & improve the health of your inbound supply chain by aligning it better with Accounts Payable
  • Automated fraud and duplicate invoice detection capabilities
  • Support for multiple languages, currencies, and multiple entities
  • Real-time data, Advanced Analytics, and Drilled-down reporting

AI-driven and pure Touchless Invoice Processing free of time-intensive and error-ridden manual labor

AI-driven and pure Touchless Invoice Processing

Modernize your AP operations with cutting-edge AI-driven data extraction and recognition engine for invoice processing, eliminating human errors. InSITE's self-learning ability enables the solution to learn with usage. It can extract & populate the header and line-level data with much higher accuracy with time and automatically post it if there are no exceptions – making the entire process indeed a touchless one.

I This feature of InSITE Improves the AP team's efficiency, making them faster, more productive, and less expensive. Realize a complete and fully digitized AP and go truly touchless with a vendor invoice management solution like InSITE.

  • Applexus AI-based data extraction and recognition engine (AIDER) with self-learning ability
  • Automated business rules validation and fraud prevention mechanisms
  • InSITE’s automated routing engine assigns invoices automatically to the respective AP team members
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Suppliers receive automated notifications on payment status and invoice status

Extended and Continual Value Assurance to ensure credible uninterrupted returns forever

Post-implementation, our internal team will collaborate with you to ensure that your Accounts Payable (AP) team extracts the maximum value. Periodically, we will collaborate to ensure that your processes, resources, and integrated technology align and work cohesively to generate optimum returns per our Value Assurance Framework (VAF).

We’ll be just as available and accessible in the post-deployment phase as in the nascent stages. Not only our consultants but a dedicated group of help desk resources will be there to resolve your queries and issues.

  • A periodic audit to assess the form and performance of your Accounts Payable team
  • Simultaneously establish whether the generated value is in sync with the expected value
  • Track, monitor, and measure the total value generated from all the metrics that matter
  • Perform extensive analysis and identify factors impacting KPIs leading to value leakage
  • Suggest strategies and other changes to course-correct your AP processes where needed