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Aerospace and Defense S4hana Embedded Analytics | Case Study

Aerospace and Defense Technology company re-engineered decision-making capabilities by pushing insights to the frontline with embedded intelligence on S/4HANA

Embedded Intelligence on SAP S/4HANA

A leading Aerospace & Defense contractor needed a turnaround strategy to redesign their decision-making process to become more competitive in the market. Budgetary constraints and the threat of new entrants within the industry meant that the company had to make decisions faster than ever.


Rather than having a data driven contextual decision making, our client was mostly analyzing data with the hindsight bias for validating the decisions already taken. The current state of the decision-making process wasn’t adequate to produce sustainable results.

  • There were multiple versions of truth giving way to duplicated, redundant data. Data preparation required a lot of time and effort that led to delayed insight consumption.
  • Their existing decision-making process was time-consuming. Insights through static pre-defined reports limited the ability of business users to expedite interrogation of the data.
  • Insights based on predefined reporting also often lacked the specific business context that business users needed for decision making.
  • There was a considerable dependency on IT which made it difficult for users to back their decisions leveraging the data available with the business.
  • Data analysis conducted in silos created multiple versions of truth and overdependency on excel sheets. The much-needed agility required in a highly complex landscape was often lost due to the lack of a single platform to unify and analyze the data.


Aerospace and Defense Technology company


S/4 Analytics

At a glance

The customer, who lacked strong decision-making capabilities, wanted to reimagine their operational decision-making process from the ground up. Applexus collaborated with the client to create smart processes that would infuse intelligence into their business operations, allowing for better and faster decision-making.

SAP S/4HANA Analytics Solutions


Applexus engaged with the client to help them fundamentally rethink their operational decision-making process. Smart processes were designed to infuse intelligence into the business processes, resulting in better decision-making capabilities.

  • An embedded analytics approach was designed to enable the delivery of personalized insights for better decision-making.
  • Analytics was embedded in the workflow of the business user, bridging the gap between insights and actions.
  • Consumption of analytics was combined with the transactions on a single in-memory platform simplifying the analytics landscape. The practice of analyzing the data separately was eliminated to nullify hindsight bias.
  • A methodology was implemented to transition from reporting to analytics, reducing the information-action ratio. A lower information-action ratio reduced the number of reports and ensured optimal consumption of information that was translated into business actions.
SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics


By embedding analytics within the workflow, insights were consumed at the point of decision-making. As a result, analytics silos and a multitude of reporting needs were eliminated, simplifying the analytics landscape. With business users empowered to leverage insights for their specific business use case, a culture of data-driven decision-making was cultivated. The operational decision-making process could deliver better decisions at a faster pace by consuming insights where it mattered the most. As a result, the embedded analytics helped in increasing the ROI on their digital transformation journey.

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