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CeleRITE 2.0

AI-Powered Accelerated S/4HANA Transformations

Experience a streamlined migration journey to S/4HANA with CeleRITE, an automation platform for accelerated S/4HANA migrations and landscape modernizations.

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Barriers and concerns to S/4HANA migration

CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations

SAP S/4HANA has been instrumental in powering digital transformation across industries delivering significant benefits including enhanced functionality, real-time data, analytics for better decision-making, and faster processing with the in-memory HANA database. However, migrating to S/4HANA can be a complex and challenging process.

Key concerns in an S/4HANA migration

  • Migrating Heavily customized ECC systems
  • Limited migration options to S/4HANA
  • Identifying the right approach to S/4HANA
  • Overall cost and complexity of migration
  • Business value & ROI for the project
  • Business disruption and Downtime expected

Introducing CeleRITE

A Comprehensive AI-Powered Platform for S/4HANA Transformations

Experience a streamlined migration to S/4HANA with CeIeRITE, an innovative Al-powered platform for accelerated migrations and landscape consolidations. CeIeRITE can address all transformation scenarios including ECC to S/4HANA migration, Mergers & Acquisitions, Cloud Migrations, Divestitures & Landscape consolidations. At its core, CeIeRITE leverages Al to automate the migration of the 4 main components - Configuration, Code, Data and Roles and Authorizations.

CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations

A Comprehensive Transformation Platform

CeIeRITE is a comprehensive solution that can migrate all four of your Configuration, Code, Data and Access Control. CeIeRITE with its Al-Powered capabilities can accelerate S/4HANA Transformation with 50% savings in cost and time.

Config Synchronization Studio

Leverages advanced Al to analyze how S/4 will impact current processes. It can also extract config at BU, plant, and module level, compare them between systems and monitor any config changes.

Config Analysis Icon

Config Analysis

Provides in-depth insights, summarizes S/4HANA's impact on processes, and offers dashboard views

Config Carve-out Icon

Config Carve-out

Offers selective extraction and scenario-based carving, with the ability to drill down to plant or site level for precise configuration carve outs

Config Comparison Icon

Config Comparison

Enables side-by-side reviews to effectively highlight disparities between source & target configurations

Config transformation Icon

Config transformation

Offers mapping and transformation capabilities supported by automated tools

Adopting S/4HANA is a transformative step for any organization, but understanding its Impact on existing landscapes and processes is essential. One of the most significant and time- consuming tasks is managing configuration changes in the ECC landscape and seamlessly replicating them to the S/4HANA project. Additionally, carving out specific configurations, such as those for a business unit, a module or functionality is another major challenge. CeIeRITE Config Synchronization Studio addresses these issues with native Al, enabling precise configuration carve-out at various levels, including business units and modules, down to plants or sites. With Its comprehensive workbench for configuration comparisons, detailed reports on disparities, and efficient tracking of configuration changes, CeIeRITE facilitates smooth transitions from the business to project landscapes.

CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations
CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations

Code Transformation Studio

Utilizes Al and automation to remediate 70-80% of the custom code. It can provide insights on code usage & quality, carve out specific custom code and also use Al for detailed documentation.

Custom Code Analysis Icon

Custom Code Analysis

Dive deeply into custom SAP code to pinpoint areas of inefficiency, redundancy, or deviation from best practices, ensuring a smooth migration pathway.

Custom Code Carve-out Icon

Custom Code Carve-out

Extract specific segments or modules of custom code with precision, facilitating targeted analysis or modular migration.

Code Remediation Icon

Code Remediation

Utilize tools for automatic and guided issue rectification, powered by Al, to ensure code compatibility and adherence to SAP standards.

Code Documentation Icon

Code Documentation

Access detailed and comprehensive documentation, enhanced with Al capabilities, ensuring smoother handovers, and audits, providing a valuable reference for any future modifications.

In a survey on migrating to S/4HANA, 70% of respondents identified custom code as a major concern, raising questions about minimizing custom footprints, managing remediation, and handling custom code efficiently within S/4HANA.

CeleRITE Code Transformation Studio can automate 70-80% of custom code remediation. It offers analytical capabilities to optimize custom code by identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and deviations from best practices. The tool also examines the SAP codebase for vulnerabilities and provides actionable feedback.

CeleRITE enables precise carve-out custom code segments or modules, aiding targeted analysis and migration. It offers insights for modernizing and optimizing custom code, helping to identify candidates for BTP or fit-to-standard approaches. The AI-powered tool also generates detailed documentation, ensuring smoother handovers, audits, and future modifications.

Data Transition Studio

Can selectively migrate data from ECC to S/4HANA, identify and remediate duplicate data, carry out in depth data profiling and minimize business downtime by migrating in blocks.

Config Analysis Icon

Data Profiling

Offers deep insights and ensures data quality and anomaly identification in SAP datasets.

Config Carve-out Icon

Data Cleansing

Provides selective extraction and scenario- based carving, allowing for precise configuration carve-outs down to the plant or site level.

Config Comparison Icon

Data Carve-out

Safely isolates specific data from the SAP system for further processing, ensuring sensitive or obsolete information remains securely isolated.

Config transformation Icon

Data Transformation

Empowers users to streamline complex data transformations for migration and downstream processes.

S/4HANA's core involves data migration, focusing on data quality, volume, and minimizing business downtime. However, migrating decades of data from ECC, including rarely used data, can be impractical and costly. Selective data migration is preferred to manage data volume effectively and reduce total cost of ownership, directly impacting system sizing and minimizing downtime.

CeleRITE Data Transition Studio addresses these challenges by offering:

  • Data Quality: Conducts in-depth data profiling and cleansing to ensure cleaner, more reliable datasets.
  • Data Volume: Allows selective migration, allowing the carve-out of specific datasets and isolating obsolete information.
  • Business Downtime: Implements date-wise slicing for controlled migration, reducing downtime by migrating in blocks and keeping only the delta block for cutover.
CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations
CeleRITE S/4HANA Transformations

Access Control Migration Studio

It analyzes existing roles and identifies affected users. It also lists obsolete role and decommissions them. Can also carve out active roles from ECC to S/4HAN

Custom Code Analysis Icon

User and Role Analysis

Analyzes the SAP access structure to identify roles, activities, and security gaps.

Custom Code Carve-out Icon

Role security analysis

Evaluates the role structures to find vulnerabilities compromising security.

Code Remediation Icon

User and Role Carve-out

Extracts user and role data subsets for focused analysis or migration.

Code Documentation Icon

User and Role Remediation

Resolves issues, address security gaps, correct misconfigured permissions.

Migrating to S/4HANA significantly impacts SAP roles and authorizations due to deprecated and new transaction and authorization codes. This aspect often receives insufficient attention, though many post-go-live issues are related to security and authorizations.

To address this, CeleRITE Access Control Migration Studio analyzes existing roles and authorizations, reporting impacted users, affected roles, and roles needing new security settings. This helps the security team resolve issues and identify security testing requirements.

The tool also offers role retrofitting, comparing roles between source and target systems, and providing detailed reports on differences.

Migration options for AI-Powered with CeleRITE

At Applexus, we understand that every journey to S/4HANA from ECC is unique. Now the question becomes what should be the right approach for a SAP S/4HANA transformation? Traditionally, two categories of migrations were considered, Greenfield and Brownfield. Applexus CeleRITE has allowed us to consider 7 different categories of migration depending on a company’s unique scenario, priorities and challenges.



Full Reuse
  • Clean & Start

    ECC simplification followed by S/4HANA conversion
  • Jumpstart

    ECC simplification followed by S/4HANA conversion
Selective Transition

Selective Transition

Mix and match
  • Hybrid

    Selective migration to S4/HANA for certain areas and new implementation for other areas
  • Consolidate

    Selective migration to ECC to an existing S4/HANA environment
  • Cave Out

    Extract and migrate to a new S4/HANA environment


Full Redesign
  • Fit to Business

    Process Discovery & Scoping followed by S/4HANA Implementation
  • Fit to Standard

    Implement a new S/4HANA system focusing on standard SAP processess.

Why Applexus CeleRITE for your S/4HANA transformation?


Single solution

Single solution to automate the migration of code, configuration, data and access control

Reduce risk

Reduce risk by selectively migrating processes with automation


Save up to 50% on migration costs and timeline with CeleRITE


Allows the adoption of new S/4HANA capabilities incrementally

Supports landscape transformations

Supports landscape transformations including business carve-outs and consolidations

best possible business

Enables the best possible business case for your S/4HANA transition

Why Applexus CeleRITE for your S/4HANA transformation?

BW Modernization

Single Solution

Automates the migration of code, configuration, data, and access control with one comprehensive solution.

S/4HANA Migration Approach

Risk Reduction

We empower organizations with an array of transformative solutions, including S/4HANA Migration, M&A, Divestitures, Landscape Consolidations, Landscape Optimization, and Cloud Migrations. Our expert guidance ensures your journey fits your unique needs, driving impactful results. With a dedicated focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed your expectations.


Cost and Time Savings

Expedite and streamline your S/4HANA transformation journey with our RunningStart Agile methodology and pre-built accelerators. Benefit from a wealth of resources, including over 1,000 test automation scripts, extensive pre-built project documentation, and a robust object repository with 1,500+ solutions. Leverage industry cloud solutions, archive data visualization studio, and 150+ pre-built packages for tailored industry needs.

Implementation and consulting expertise

Incremental Adoption

With extensive experience in S/4HANA, we have successfully completed numerous implementations and consulting projects. From strategy development to execution, our team holds deep SAP knowledge and technical proficiency to guide your S/4HANA migration journey. By combining industry-leading expertise with innovative solutions, our team handles configuration, code modernization, data transition, and infrastructure, while closely collaborating with customers.

Value assurance framework

Landscape Support

Organizations must establish mechanisms to measure and report actual project value against expected outcomes, ensuring alignment with initial objectives and goals. The Value Assurance Framework (VAF) comprises three phases: Discovery, Design, and Monitor, each aimed at maximizing project value. Completing all phases enables organizations to remain agile, scale the program, adapt to disruptions, and optimize value.

Cloud-based S/4HANA add-on solutions

Business Case Optimization

Drawing from our extensive expertise, we have developed innovative industry cloud solutions such as InSITE, SimpleRetail, nEXIM, and IRIS. These add-on solutions are built on the robust foundation of SAP S/4HANA, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Our solutions are backed by the support and guidance of our experts, ensuring a smooth implementation process and ongoing optimization to meet evolving business needs.

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Case Studies


Gaming Company Case Study

Landscape Assessment for a Gaming Leader

Landscape Assessment for a Gaming Leader:

  • 8-week Analyze Phase utilizing CeleRITE and SAP tools.
  • Deliver function and technical reports, as well as a hybrid-style roadmap.
  • Timeline and estimated costs for the transformation.
Fashion Brand Company Case Study

Carve out for a leading Fashion Brand

Carve out for a leading Fashion Brand:

  • Utilized CeleRITE to perform carve-out within 8 months.
  • Selected relevant functionality, code, and data during the transition from ECC to S/4.
  • Reduced 93 custom objects to just 8.
Semiconductor Manufacturer Company Case Study

Carve out for a Semiconductor Manufacturer

Carve out for a Semiconductor Manufacturer:

  • Leveraged CeleRITE to carve out a plant from the seller's ECC system to migrate to the buyer's S/4 instance.
  • Archived old data on the seller's landscape, resulting in improved performance.
Transportation Company Case Study

S/4 assessment for a premier Transportation company

S/4 assessment for a premier Transportation company:

  • Leveraged CeleRITE to assess 250+ RICEF objects following a failed brownfield S/4 migration with another SI.
  • Identified 70 process improvement opportunities in Finance modules for enhanced business value.
  • Implemented recommended process improvements for a successful S/4 Finance Go-Live.

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