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Ramakrishna Yadavalli

Practice Principal
Ramakrishna Yadavalli

Ramakrishna Yadavalli is Working as a Principal Consultant at Applexus. Passionate professional, no hesitation and quick, to learn or upgrade my new skills as situation demands. Key responsibilities include architecting the products we develop, build quick proof of concepts to demonstrate the skills and give customer demos, mentoring juniors. A key member in the Cloud and Big Data practices.

Some of the work that I am doing currently is architecting our new product for Cloud, building proof of concept and build end to end solution using IoT and AWS.

Being an Electronics graduate, started with 8051 micro controller programming then entered into the world of Java and Microsoft technologies and worked on various frameworks and products. My core strength is the delivery. Be it known or new technology I give my team or management the confidence that we can deliver.