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Leading Supplier and Distributor of Industrial Gases

Oil and Gas Analytics

A leading supplier of industrial gases, based out of the US needed a strategic direction towards becoming a more data-driven organization. Applexus engaged with them to revamp their analytics strategy to operationalize analytics-driven business outcomes. With analytics at the helm, our client envisaged a reinvention of their supply chain and plant operations.


  • Email is currently sent to Esker Mailbox and purchase order data is pulled from the email and attachment. 
  • Sales order confirmation for all the sales orders is done manually.


  • Introduce Conexiom application to fully automate the process of sending email confirmation.
  • Use SAP Cloud Integration to pass order details from Conexiom to SAP ECC.
  • Set up an integration flow at SAP Cloud Integration to accept order details in JSON format via HTTPS call and send the details to SAP ECC via SOAP webservice.


  • Reduces manual work
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Provides an automated email confirmation to the sender's email address.