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Leading Supplier and Distributor of Industrial Gases

Oil and Gas Analytics

A leading supplier of industrial gases, based out of the US needed a strategic direction towards becoming a more data-driven organization. Applexus engaged with them to revamp their analytics strategy to operationalize analytics-driven business outcomes. With analytics at the helm, our client envisaged a reinvention of their supply chain and plant operations.


  • Manual planning and scheduling of maintenance management processes.
  • Limited ability to expand to preventive maintenance management, material management, and STOs.
  • Lack of integration between Prometheus application and SAP ECC.


  • Streamlines maintenance management processes, making them more efficient and effective.
  • Enhances the ability to expand to other areas of maintenance management, such as preventive maintenance and material management.
  • Provides integration between Prometheus application and SAP ECC, improving data accuracy and eliminating manual processes.
  • Uses an out-of-the-box solution, reducing the need for custom development and saving time and costs.


  • Introduce Prometheus Planning & Scheduling module to provide web-based planning and scheduling solutions for maintenance management, as well as expandability to preventive maintenance management, material management, and STO
  • Use an out-of-the-box solution that fully integrates with SAP ECC to streamline and enhance maintenance processes
  • Use SAP Cloud Integration as middleware to support connectivity between Prometheus web application and SAP ECC.
  • Enable SAP Cloud Integration to accept the SOAP message from Prometheus application, forward to SAP ECC, and send back the response to Prometheus application