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Leading Supplier and Distributor of Industrial Gases

Oil and Gas Analytics

A leading supplier of industrial gases, based out of the US needed a strategic direction towards becoming a more data-driven organization. Applexus engaged with them to revamp their analytics strategy to operationalize analytics-driven business outcomes. With analytics at the helm, our client envisaged a reinvention of their supply chain and plant operations.


  • Requirement for seamless & timely flow of information between Drivers & Scheduling/Planning Agents.
  • In the as-is process, Drivers sent messages from PeopleNet (Fleet management software service flow) into GOLD (client’s legacy contact center) as an alert.
  • These alerts could be potentially ignored for a long period, thus delaying the response time and unutilized labor hours


  • Integration of Genesys (Cloud Contact Center) and Samsara(Cloud Fleet Management App) using SAP BTP Integration Suite for vehicle telematics & monitoring apps & driver workflows


  • The integration between SAMSARA & GENESYS cloud platforms has improved response time to the driver and provided a better overall experience for both driver, planners and customer
  • The need to implement an external solution requiring more servers, a new support team and a new technology stack was eliminated as we could integrate and make a seamless workflow between the Genesys & Samsara using SAP Integration Suite
  • Rapid deployment of BTP Cloud integration solution ensured faster value realization
  • Gained real-time visibility on fleets and end-customer services, to enable digital transformation on a massive scale
  • Our client could Easily integrate with a variety of third-party routing and dispatching software to simplify operations into a centralized view using BTP Cloud Integration platform