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Workshop to get your SAP CAR journey started

With changing consumer behavior post-pandemic, a growing omnichannel footprint has become imperative for retailers. This is where SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), with its powerful inbuilt modules, helps businesses enhance customer experience, accelerate decision making, improve demand planning, and maximize promotion effectiveness. This powerful data platform prepares cross-channel data by collating, cleansing, and centralizing your customer and point-of-sale (POS) data in real time for analysis and prepares it for consumption by other applications.

Applexus brings unique capabilities to accelerate your CAR journey!

CAR capabilities

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Customer Context

  • Have multi-channel operations (Wholesale, Retail, Online)
  • Would like to evaluate CAR to support omnichannel operations
  • Would like an approach, business case and roadmap to implement CAR

Workshop Scope

  • Review of key processes and capabilities (sales audit, order fulfillment, article availability etc)
  • Business Operations Walkthrough, identification of desired capabilities
  • Current Application Landscape Review
  • Infrastructure – On Prem, Public/Private Cloud
  • Review desired analytics capabilities enabled by CAR, ERP and Analytics platform
  • Review key value drivers, implementation approach and plan
SAP Analytics Cloud Offerings


  • Understanding of current state
  • Recommendations on CAR modules/add-ons to be used
  • Identification of key value drivers and business benefits
  • High level implementation roadmap and plan


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