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Omnichannel retail with SAP CAR

Redefining omnichannel retail with SAP CAR

22nd THURSDAY | SEPTEMBER | 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

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Meeting the needs of omnichannel retail calls for certain capabilities such as visibility into inventory across all channels, promotions and pricing, sales data, access to analytics etc.

SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) with its modules on Sales audit, Demand Forecasting, Inventory visibility, omnichannel promotions and pricing can make your vision for omnichannel retail a reality. The below figure summarizes SAP CAR, its components and some of the standard applications that come along with SAP CAR. Applexus has also developed innovative add-on solutions to CAR for improved functionality and user experience – Payment Reconciliation, Store Reconciliation and Applexus CAR analytics Applications.

Some customers are already using SAP POS Data Management which is on its way out and with support for it ending soon, now is the right time for a shift to SAP CAR.

Join the upcoming webinar with SAP and Applexus to learn more about SAP CAR and how it can lay the foundation for omnichannel retail capabilities.


In this Webinar, You’ll Learn How to

benefits of SAP CAR

Overview and benefits of SAP CAR


Standard applications

Standard applications on top of SAP CAR


Future Roadmap

Future Roadmap for SAP CAR


Applexus add-on solutions

Applexus add-on solutions to SAP CAR and how it drives more value


Live case study

Live case study highlighting some of the key benefits of SAP CAR



Kristin Howell
Kristin Howell
Global Vice President - Retail Solution Management,
Kiran Gasmar
Kiran Gasmar
Associate Director - Delivery,
Applexus Technologies
Norbert Brumbergs
Norbert Brumbergs
Sr. Vice President - Delivery,
Applexus Technologies
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
Vice President - Business Consulting & Value Realization,
Applexus Technologies


If you'd like to connect with one of our experts to know more about SAP CAR, please reach out to the contact below:

Jennifer Tomerlin
Senior Account Executive, Applexus Technologies