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Webinar: Winning in the "New Retail Normal"

Winning in the

How to Win in the "New Retail Normal" - Delivering Consumer Engagement and Profitability Across Curbside and Omnichannel

As the world moves to a “new normal” post COVID-19, consumers will move from traditional in-store shopping to curbside, home delivery and a touchless instore experience. In the past, engagement across all channels was not a top priority for many retailers due to disconnected systems that led to an often insufficient ROI on digital channels. To win in the “new normal”, retailers have to set up this experience quickly and efficiently, building upon their existing systems infrastructure without creating standalone disjoint apps.

This webinar explores:

  • The shift in retail consumer expectations post COVID-19
  • What are market leaders and innovative players doing? Who are the likely winners and losers?
  • How can brick-and-mortar retailers compete and win by leveraging their stores as a strategic asset?
  • SAP + Applexus’ SimpleRetail Solution to address the “new normal” quickly in a profitable, scalable manner


Oliver Stocks

Oliver Stocks
VP - Customer Success Group - Consumer Industries, SAP

Chris Couch

Chris Couch
General Manager - Retail Solutions, Applexus

Nittu Thomas

Nittu Thomas
Chief Operating Officer, Applexus


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