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Advanced Analytics – AI/ML


Our AI-powered Advanced Analytics service transforms your workplace into a data-driven hub for efficient decision-making. We guide you to realize tangible value by building clear business cases and preparing your data, people, and processes for seamless integration with a secure, cloud-based digital core. We prioritize data and AI integration across all our offerings, ensuring you extract maximum value from your digital transformation initiatives.

Our offerings


We offer a comprehensive framework to guide your AI/ML journey, ensuring impactful results at every stage.



We start by actively engaging with stakeholders to understand your unique business challenges and goals. Leveraging our pre-built Use Case Repository, we help you identify the ideal starting points for your AI/ML journey.



Building upon our collaborative understanding, we develop a personalized roadmap with MVPs based on your priorities. We offer a robust, scalable reference architecture for your AI/ML initiatives, enabling future expansion and growth.



We go beyond technology implementation, focusing on user adoption and embedding AI/ML into your workflows. We prioritize MVP development methodology throughout the infusion phase, enabling iterative refinement based on user feedback and real-world data.

Applexus Advantage

  • Pre-Built Accelerators​
  • Multiple Datasphere/BW Bridge/SAC Deployments
  • Delivers Speed to Value with Datasphere
  • Collaboration with Existing Datasphere Customers for Lessons Learned​

Our capabilities


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Automate Repetitive Insights Consumptions

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Embed Insights into Business Processes

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Reimagine business processes with Cognitive Technologies

Tailored to various industry sectors, contextualized data models are employed to enhance business operations. Real-time streaming outputs and analytical insights facilitate swift decision-making, aligning with the dynamic market demands. Personalized information is delivered to key stakeholders through self-service BI, enabling them to access tailored insights on demand. Analytical models embedded with AI expedite results from vast data sets, supporting citizen data scientists in their digital transformation endeavors. Business processes are automated through predictive visualization and alert systems, seamlessly integrated with existing workflows

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