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Crisis Command Center

Navigate the Business Impact
of any major crisis with
Applexus Crisis Command Center

Crisis Management Software Solutions

As COVID-19 takes its course and businesses begin to re-open in a limited manner, business leaders are struggling to understand the new market conditions, shifting government policies and changing customer needs. It’s important that businesses develop a strategy to navigate the business uncertainty due to a crisis similar to COVID-19.

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So how does your business respond when a crisis becomes the new normal? It’s important for businesses to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the new normal.

Applexus team of experts have collaborated to bring you the 'Crisis Command Center ' that you can use to outmaneuver business uncertainty due to any major crisis.

The Crisis Command Center was initially designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it can just as easily be used to provide command center-type data for crises such as hurricanes and other natural disasters.  It can help you identify risks and assess the potential impact to your business so you can develop mitigating and proactive response strategies. 

This flexible and scalable solution can be deployed in
weeks to help you navigate this crisis!

Please schedule a call with the Applexus team to present a demo and share more details
of their deployment offering if you are interested in learning more. 

The Crisis Command Center uses your data, overlaid with real-time crisis related data to provide visual dashboards of the impact of the pandemic on your business in several different areas

Maximize Sales Opportunitiesote Training

Maximize Sales Opportunities with Command Center Solution

  • Immediate visibility to impact on sales due to COVID
  • Assess impact of COVID on sales and demand for each sales location and proactively develop alternate sales strategies
  • Increase customer centricity – Find ways to help them through the downturn
  • Proactively goodwill customers of high value with flexible payment terms and discounts
  • Accurate sales forecasting & planning, Identify trends and patters, Optimal decisions on product positioning
Safeguard Cashflow with Receivables Monitoring

Safeguard Cash Flow with Receivables Monitoring

  • Assess the impact of liquidity shortages and take actions to unlock working capital
  • Simulate different scenarios based on potential paths of the virus’s spread
  • Identify major areas of financial risk by incorporating macroeconomic and company-specific data
  • Identify and implement `quick-wins' to generate trapped cash or preserve cash
Assess and Enhance Workforce Productivity

Assess and Enhance Business Workforce Productivity

  • Assess workforce morale and well-being to reduce stress and health risk
  • Measure and improve employee productivity
  • Monitor and track employees to avoid putting them in situations with increased risk of infection
Stabilize and Optimize Supply Chain

Stabilize and Optimize Supply Chain

  • Visibility to COVID progression near company locations – Case Growth and Economy Opening Status
  • Assess the risk level of the supply chain network with visibility on impact due to COVID
  • Supplier decisions based on Confidence Scores calculated based on COVID and Supplier performance
  • Collaboration portal for supply chain entities to avoid delays and shortfalls
  • Maintain strong relationships with customers and suppliers for business continuity

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