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Data Migration Services

SAP Advanced Data Migration Services

SAP Data Migration is considered on of the top risks in any SAP ERP Implementations. Not having quality business-ready and transactable data leads to significant risk and can cripple any business. Applexus offers a comprehensive set of expert services to support a customer’s SAP implementation program.  These services can be delivered in a plug-and-play model with another systems integrator or a customer-led implementation program. Our SAP Data Migration Delivery services solution includes robotic process automation and prebuilt content with state-of-the-art tools like SAP Data Services, Information Steward and IRPA. In addition, we leverage a data factory approach leveraging our offshore migration experts in a Center of Excellence model enabling us to deliver these services with robust quality processes in the most cost-effective manor.

Data Migration - Why Applexus

Applexus SAP Data Migration Delivery services can speed up the SAP master data and open transactional data migration by automating steps and improving the accuracy of the process resulting in reductions in time and cost for the overall implementation project. With Applexus automation, prebuilt content, expert services, agile methodology and data factory approach, customers can go-live in a lower risk and cost-effective manner.

On an ongoing basis, the quality and consistency of master data must be maintained in order to maximize the value of this critical corporate asset.  Applexus also offers SAP Data Governance Advisory services to fully enable customers to continue to maintain the quality of their Data.

Customers in live SAP environments can find themselves experiencing data integrity issues across their transactions that are causing business interruptions.  Applexus also provides a highly-valued set of services to help customers solve these types of data-related issues in their SAP system.  Our SAP Data Integrity Issue Remediation Services provide a set of tools to identify and resolve data issues across master data and transactional data. 

Data Migration - Why Applexus

Why Applexus SAP Data Migration Delivery Services?

  • The Applexus SAP Data Migration Delivery Services have been developed over the course of many successful SAP projects. Also, our deep expertise in business analytics helps us design SAP Master Data with the end-state in mind so that customers enjoy the full benefit of their SAP data.
  • Our SAP Data Migration Delivery services approach follows an agile model and includes robotic process automation and prebuilt content with state-of-the-art tools like SAP Data Services, Information Steward and IRPA.
  • We offer a well-proven, hybrid onsite/offshore model in a Data Migration Center of Excellence (DMCoE) that is the most cost-effective SAP data migration solution in the industry.  In our DMCoE, we manage every aspect of the process with robust quality standards and metrics.
  • Our expert services for ongoing SAP Data Governance enable customers to maintain the quality of their data with our advanced tools and pre-built content developed over many years of helping customers across multiple industries.
  • Our SAP Data Integrity Issue Resolution Services include a tool set and approach that have been developed working with several customers across multiple industries where we have been able to solve significant business operational issues by addressing issues within their SAP data.

Our Differentiated Approach for Data Migration

Applexus Data Migration Delivery Services are embedded from project prep through go-live support in a Data first approach.
We know that Data Migration quality is a key risk factor and should start as early as possible in a project.

During Prep and Explore:
During Prep and Explore:
  • Review the most commonly used data objects
  • Identify client specific objects and come up with data structures
  • Profile the legacy data and find anomalies and build score cards
  • Advise the client on post-production data governance solution
During Realize (Build):
During Realize (Build):
  • Complete data mapping workshops
  • Adjust the pre-built solution with any custom client specific coding
  • Work with the business using pre-built error reports to have them cleanse the data
During Realize (Testing):
During Realize (Testing):
  • Use the pre-built load programs and run multiple mock cycles
  • Identify any issues identified by client specific requirements and tweak the transformation rules based on error reports
  • Tweak the load programs for performance
During Deploy:
During Deploy:
  • Load the error free and transactable data into production
  • Provide post go-live support

SAP Data Migration - Key Offerings

Value & Impact Assessment

SAP Data Migration Delivery Services

Accelerate your S4 HANA data migration using Applexus SAP Data Migration Delivery Services. Engage our offshore Data Migration Center of Excellence, DMCoE, to cleanse and ensure the quality of your master data and open transactional data into SAP at the lowest cost available.

  • Automation of data cleansing
  • Pre-built templates
  • Agile methodology
  • Seamless data migration with data integrity
  • Business ready and transactable
Value & Impact Assessment

Data Governance Advisory Services

Applexus SAP Data Governance Advisory services ensure data consistency and data integrity across all major master data objects. Applexus provides advisement, tools and enablement for customers to establish robust business processes to maintain the quality of their master data.

Applexus solution benefits:

  • Pre-built solutions
  • Robotic process automation
  • Robust business process support
  • Supports tools such as SAP MDG
Value & Impact Assessment

SAP Data Integrity Issue Resolution

Applexus SAP Data Integrity Issue Resolution solution is a pre-built solution which can profile master data and transactional data to identify anomalies. Our tools can check for data consistency, completeness and duplicates of business transactions such as pending sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, invoices, payments etc. The analysis is done across the domains and cross-system objects and identifies gaps across SAP Data that are causing business interruptions.

Applexus solution benefits:

  • Automated transactional data health check
  • Supports tools such as SAP Data Services and Information Steward
  • Unearth business impacts with open business transactions
  • Can devise a plan to cleanse the data
  • Pre-built solutions and template for data cleansing and synchronization with SAP Master Data

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