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Price Optimization

Price Optimization

Drive customer value and loyalty through price optimization.

Price Optimization

Profits are what keep retailers in business more than anything else, so it's no surprise that they invest a large amount of time in price optimization. Whether targeting a B2B or B2C market, it's critical to make sure that businesses set the right price at the right time and sell swiftly while still making a substantial profit. Pricing optimization helps organizations determine the most efficient price point by allowing them to make informed decisions based on customer and market data.

Retail Price Optimization

What to expect

  • Identify ineffective price variations
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of different pricing strategies
  • Analyze key demand drivers
  • Provide price recommendations
  • Devise promotional campaigns

What you can achieve

Strategic Integrations
Strategic Integrations

You can conduct a comparative analysis of different pricing strategies to integrate the right pricing plan with your products. Moreover, you can assess the performance of previous price changes and identify pricing that contradicts your pricing strategy.

Superior Promotions
Superior Promotions

You can monitor your experiments with pricing and promotions to arrive at the most optimal pricing for your products. This helps you in identifying promotional campaigns that can be scaled quickly to achieve optimal results.

Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage

You can avoid ineffective price changes from insights into customer demand and willingness to pay. Pricing that establishes customer loyalty and trust can help you grow sales by offering the right price at the right time to the right customer. Such pricing helps you drive your competitive advantage.

Solving Your Problems

Affinity/Market Basket Analysis

Understanding customer purchasing patterns through analysis of how products are purchased together

Labor Optimization

Labor productivity analytics focusedd on optimizing labor allocation to meet customer service levels

Market/Competitor Intelligence

Insights on market product and customer trends and how Ingles is performing compared to the industry

Supplier Management Scorecard

Consolidated holistic view to supplier performance, including metrics on vendor fulfillment performance, sales, profitability, inventory performance and product quality issues

Price Optimization Solution

A comprehensive solution that leverages pricing strategies, rules and statistical modeling to recommend optimal regular prices

Loss Prevention

Systematic insights that highlight loss trends and patterns and identify processes, products, vendors and associates that result in high losses

Assortment Optimization

Insights into assortment gaps (both across products and across stores), underperforming products and underserved customer needs.

Crisis Command Center

Navigate the business impact of any crisis with proactive response strategies to key risks related to Supply Chain, Sales, Finance and Workforce

Intelligent Customer Insights

Increase customer loyalty, minimize customer churn and drive more value from existing relationships

Intelligent Workforce Insights

Data driven actionable insights on workforce composition, recruiting, retention, diversity, turnover and Workforce ROI

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