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Libin P Balan

This blog will give you a quick insight into SAP HANA 2, the latest release.

SAP HANA 2 is the next generation of the HANA platform that more

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Anju Saseendran

In this era of rapid technological advancements, evolution is essential in almost every facet of life. In real life applications, especially in more

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Scott Pletcher

Retail Sales. Those two words conjure up images of slick used car salesmen or high pressure boiler room tactics just to lure you into buying more

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Rajeswari Menon

Rapidly changing trends, increasingly demanding customers and the need for constant product innovations are some of the challenges faced by more

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Renjith Rajeev
1. What is BW/4HANA?

BW/4HANA is the next-generation SAP data warehouse application, which was introduced early in September 2016.  BW/4HANA has more

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Anish Roy

NRF’s Retail’s Big Show is a flagship event held at the New York City every year. This year too, Applexus will be a proud part of the event. We, more

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Sanjay Gupta
Insight into the installation of SAP Merchandising Planning for Retail on SAP HANA


While installing SAP MPR on HANA. It must more

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Karthikeyan Subramanian
The Business Integration Imperative

For businesses it is increasingly important today to have a close collaboration with your partners, resource more

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Scott Pletcher

A childhood buddy of mine, Steve, is obsessed with Theory of Constraints. He’s worked in a variety of industries from Aircraft Radar Technician to more

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Arun Nath

We may not be able to predict the future with 100% certainty, but there are a number of existing and emerging industry trends that will affect more