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Margie Lawson
S/4HANA 1709 and the Future of your SAP Fashion implementation

Since my first blog on the future of SAP Fashion back in October, 2017SAP has been more

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Renjith Thampi

The digital economy is all about speed and agility. Organizations of every size need the ability to sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict in more

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Rajeswari Menon
You’ve got to go online because your customers will

Purchasing power is steadily skewing towards Millennials and Gen Xers and so are customer more

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Ryley Fitzsimmons

Growing more food with minimal resources while minimizing environmental footprint, catering to the growing world population with maximum customer more

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Anish Roy

The retail industry continues to be characterized by high levels of innovation and growth. As the industry turns more dynamic, retailers are more

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Linto Johny

Data is the fuel that powers the digital economy. It permeates every part of our professional and domestic lives, and can come from an endless more

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Rajeswari Menon
Why retailers can’t do without real-time inventory management

Efficient inventory management is the key to retail success. Efficiency means having more

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Joseph Carroll
IaaS: Innovation as a Service

"A sustainable digital innovation strategy is essential for companies that want to get ahead of their competition more

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Margie Lawson

This title may sound strange. We live with so much technology today – on our phones, in our homes and even in our cars.  Devices are everywhere more

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Scott Pletcher

In this video I give you a walk-through of setting up a complete SAP S/4HANA trial environment on Amazon Web Services using SAP Cloud Appliance more